Fashion Photography of Gary Talbot

Phil Mc. Is a young upcoming talent from Dublin, Ireland. My main focus is fashion photography, I love working with people and producing unique images that stand out & catch the eye. I have been shooting landscape photography for many years, which in a way started me to elaborate colors & give my images an abstract touch.

A lot of my work is based around street art & urbanism, as it’s an attraction for me. I love the “L.A Street” look and I bring a touch of this into my images.

I studied photography in college, this thought me the basics but I thought myself a lot through watching Tutorials online & shooting outdoors as I believe theory is interesting but being physically outdoors and learning more by using the camera to me is more important, also I can tailor the aspect’s of photography I want to learn.

Phil Mc 1
Phil Mc 4

Phil is only 21 and has been shooting Models for only 2 years, his work is improving and his fan base grows at a steady pace across his Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts. (Phil Mc. Photography).

I have done modeling also as I believe it’s important to understand both aspects of fashion photography. I found this helpful as now it’s easier for showing models of different body positions & working with the model in general.

Recently I have worked with Ireland’s leading male Model Gary Talbot and together we made some beautiful images.

Phil Mc 2

”I have always loved fashion and working with people, this is the ideal job for me; I will be worth keeping an eye on”


If you want to know more about Phil, please visit: Phil Mc Photography

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