Wedding Photographer Patricia Arias

Patricia Arias is a wedding photographer from Venezuela. She is based in Montevideo-Uruguay. Patricia is a pharmacist but her real passion is photography. She has been doing pictures for 4 years now, and she mainly focuses on weddings, couples and family.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

I started doing my first weddings and documentaries 4 years ago, while I was still working in the pharmaceutical industry. Later, when my son Felipe was born, I decided to quit my pharmacy job since it used to consume a lot of time. Working on my own photography business allows me, not only to organize my time better but also to spend quality time with my family

How did the idea of wedding photographer start?

It started by the time I went to Sarajevo to one of my best friend’s wedding and her photographers were amazingly great. The two photographers were more than just photographers. They were such immersed in my friend’s wedding day, that they were able to tell my friend and her new husband’s love story in an extraordinarily and precise way through their pictures. I realized then, wedding photography started changing and was no longer traditionally boring as we were used to considering it. That experience helped me to dream about the idea of becoming a wedding photographer.

What is most important at the moment you take a photograph, as a wedding photographer?

Many things, but especially the person. I strongly believe that every person or every couple has something really special that is different from everybody else. Now I focus on discovering that “thing” that makes people in front of my camera distinct from everybody else, I usually invest a great amount of time chatting with the couple about their preferences. Also, I  try to image the best place to make them comfortable so they can have a good time during the shooting. Some other times, I just let things flow alone. I just love a clean and minimalistic style, so I take care of the aesthetic and symmetry as well.

From where you get your inspiration

Just looking at a person you can get as much inspiration as you want or need. I also pay close attention to movies, music videos, and art in general, street photography and photographers whose work I really love.

How do you look for the perfect spots as a wedding photographer?

I love looking at a place and imagine the picture I would make. I just try to memorize by heart the places and their different type of light during the day, so I can say that I’m constantly thinking about the picture or the image even though I don’t have the camera on my hands. This exercise allows me to propose the couple more than one option for their shooting, so we can decide together the perfect place for their photo session.

Describe a typical shoot.

I first invite them for a cup of coffee or something to drink and chat about any trivialities, so when the tension is gone it’s time for the photos.

The first half an hour is just like a warm-up after that couples usually even notice they are in a photoshoot. I also like to use different techniques such as ask them to close their eyes and take a deep breath, that always perfectly works with everybody.

Were you educated in photography, or are yourself taught?

I didn’t take any photography course at any school, so I can say I’m mainly self-educated. Though, I like taking workshops from recognized photographers in order to learn more about wedding photography as a business. I can definitely say that the little or much photography knowledge I have is thanks to a continuing practice and error system, and the things my photography colleagues have taught me so far.

What camera do you use most of the time?

Nikon D750 y Nikon D600

Which photo are you currently most proud of?

It is from my most recent photo-shoot. It was in a boutique hotel that I visited before; so when I was there I thought, “I’ve got to do a photoshoot here”. I choose the morning light since it was the best one coming through the windows.

Comparing where you are now with where you are when you first started

I feel now much more confident in my work.

What could you have done differently to get to where you are sooner?

Believe in myself…

Favorite photography book?

I do not have any still

To know more about Patricia, please visit: Patricia Arias

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