What to do in Paris – Paris Travel Guide

Paris, rightly known as the City of Lights, is full of hotels, eateries, shops, attractions, beauty, and of course romance. This guide intends to facilitate both who have been there before and the ones who are traveling to Paris for the first time. It will provide a brief Paris Travel Guide guide to the travelers on where to stay, eat, and places to visit. Although I was just for 24 hours in Paris (birthday gift from my soul sister) I got to know a lot of beautiful places, and we walk around the center and admire the beauty of this incredible city

Where to stay in Paris?

With hundreds of hotels being offered by Paris, it can get a confusing task to finalize one. The final decision of where to stay is normally based upon the places you want to visit. Once you have shortlisted the places you want to visit, you need to check which arrondissement they are located in. Then, you can check for the hotels according to your budget in the same arrondissement. This is always a safe and convenient option as it makes traveling easy and inexpensive.

Furthermore, after arrondissement, the next factor which determines where you will be staying is how much you want to spend on a hotel. French hotels are properly regulated (by the government) according to their star ratings. If you plan to spend the least amount of money on a hotel and want to check for a one or maybe two-star hotel, then the very least is what you will be getting from your accommodation.  For the tourists, three-star is the best recommended if they do not wish to spend more on the hotel because they are the most reasonably charged and are also comfortable to stay in.

Where to eat?

Food is one of the most fundamental attractions of Paris! The mouth-watering that Paris has to offer can simply not be compared to anywhere else. Some of the world’s most famous restaurants offering the best food are in Paris. Paris has every type of restaurant and cafe to offer. Just like hotels, restaurants, and cafes ranging from inexpensive ones to moderately priced cafes to some of the world’s most expensive restaurants. Despite the price differences, the food offered even by the roadside vendors is excellent.

Few of the inexpensive cafes in Paris include The Hood Paris, Pizzeria Popolare, Miznon, and Filakia. Chartier, Chez Gladines, and Nous 4 are few of the highly rated and budget-friendly restaurants which offer some really delicious food and if you are looking for some fine dining, then Le Jules Verne, Epicure, and Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee are few of the common choices of visitors.

If you are looking for a Paris experience, then you cannot miss Allard, which is one of the last of its kind classic gourmet restaurant, another incredible experience is Septine who’s chef is Bertrand Grebaut, one the most talented chef of his generation. But my favorite is the Hotel Costes Paris Restaurant; where you can sit on the terrace and enjoy an incredible atmosphere… my favorite dish the lobster pasta…

All you need to know is the dinner time in Paris is around 7 pm or 8 pm. Furthermore, if you plan to travel to any smaller city from Paris, then you need to know that cafes in smaller cities are often closed between lunchtime and dinnertime.

What to see?

Paris is known for a few of the world’s most famous places which attract hundreds of tourists from all around the world. They mainly include Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Le Marais, Musee d’Orsay, and Versailles Palace. Although, it is not possible to visit all these places in one day a priority list can be made by the visitors starting from the one they want to visit the most.

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