Heuriger –  Traditional Austrian Restaurant

If you are thinking to make Holidays in Austria, you have to know what it means the word Heuriger. But what is a Heuriger? Heuriger is a typical tavern in Eastern Austria, where the owners produce wine is served. The meaning of Heuriger in Germans is ”this year” and refers to the new wine that is produced in the present year.

This tradition started by Emperor Joseph II in 1784, where everybody was allowed to sell homemade wine, food and fruit juice without any special permit. Locals start to sell their own wine and products creations in their homes to the public.

You can find many Heuriger around the wine regions of Austria, like Burgenland, Lower Austria, Styria, and Carinthia. Nevertheless, Vienna has a lovely tradition with an incredible number of wineries (like 230) that produce around 1,5 million liters of wine.

You can walk around the beautiful ”wine district” Döbling, where you can find all the vineyards and most of the Heuriger of Vienna, has an incredible view of the city.

You can also find these traditional restaurants in the city center, like Figlmüller, which is one of my favorites.

For example, every time I get visits, from my friends, this is the perfect excuse for me to visit, a Heuriger. For me is important that my friends understand and appreciate the Austrian Traditions and culture, and the best way is through the local food.


I believe Figlmüller is one of the famous, and of course one of my favorites. Johann Figlmüller starts at the beginning of 1905, with a small tavern behind St Stephen’s Cathedral. Figelmüller is known, for the extraordinary size of their schnitzel that measures around 30 centimeters in diameter. The schnitzel is very tasty, crispy and juicy, and goes along with the traditional potato salad.

If you are visiting Vienna, and you are walking in the city center this is the restaurant to try.

Extra tip: Try the white wine Grüner Veltiner with your schnitzel.

Heuriger Mayer am Pfarrplatz

This little treasure has been producing wines since 1683 in Heiligenstadt. Not to mention the Ludwig van Beethoven lived in 1817 in the beautiful home on Pfarplatz. (In this time he composed his incredible Symphony No 9)

This traditional Heurige is incredible! And has won a lot of awards, like Kulinarische Erbe, Wiener Top Heuriger and is also listed in the Michelin list.

Mayer am Pfarplatz is one of the oldest restaurants in Vienna, and although is a little bit far away from the city center, it is a must if you want to try the typical Austrian food.

My recommendations: Try the buffet!

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