Holidays in Crete

If you are thinking about Travel to Crete and discover this beautiful island you cannot miss this post. Today I bring you, our holiday guide around Crete island. As many of you know, we spent 2 weeks in Crete, and we had the opportunity to travel around Crete and discover new places on this beautiful Island.

The first thing we did we travel to Crete was to rent a car, and after comparing some price, easy rent was the best car rental we found. The most important thing you need to know, is in Crete is crazy to drive, certainly we were not prepare, there is not a clear way or rules, in addition, the people park wherever they want, people ride bikes in the middle of the freeway, and sometimes in a curve you will face a farmer crossing with his sheep’s.

After you get used to driving around, you will discover a messy wonderful island full of culture.

The food is, of course, extraordinary, with fresh fish, seafood and of course lams and rabbit. I suggest you try it all. My favorite lamb chops with olive oil, lemon, and oregano on the grill, fried calamari, grill fish and of course a big Greek salad.

Chania beach on Crete:

Chania is a beautiful beach around 70 km away from Rethymno and is the second-largest city in Crete. Chania is the site of the Minoan settlement the Greeks called Kydonia, Greek for quince. You can also find an archeological site, where you can see evidence for the existence of this Minoan city below some parts of today’s Chania. You can this archeological site in the area of Kasteli in the Old Town. This territory seems to have been occupied following the Neolithic time. The city reemerged after the end of the Minoan time frame as an imperative city-state in Classical Greece, one whose area stretched out from Chania Bay to the feet of the White Mountains. Not to mention Chania Beaches are one off the best on the greek island, like Elafonissi, Balos, Falassarna and Agia Marina between others.

Late Minoan Ancient Cemetery

As we were 6 km away from Rethymno on the west side of Crete island, we visited a Late Minoan III cemetery of Armeni is located 8 kilometers south of Rethymno on the road to Spili and Ayia Galini.

More than 200 chamber tombs and one tholos tomb have so far been found, all arranged towards the upper east and the Vryssinas mountain, which was at one time the site of a crest haven. The chamber tombs are cut into what is a significant delicate rock, referred to locally as kouskouras, yet the stone was sufficiently hard for the tombs to stay very much saved.

A system of ways went through the graveyard. Low banks were made on either side of the ways utilizing the material burrowed from the tombs and the dromoi. The ways were sufficiently wide for trucks conveying to pass. You can find little and bigger tombs, which have been distinguished as the resting spots of individually the higher status and lower status perished, were, in any event at first, kept separate from each other.

Knossos Palace of Crete

The Palace of Knossos was an early settlement of the Neolithic period and his name Knossos means the major city of Crete. Knossos is one of the largest Bronze Age palaces on Crete and one of the oldest city in Europe.

For us was a remarkable experience, and we recommend the visit of this archaeological site.

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