International Makeup Artist

Our friend and International artist David Deibis, who now live in Spain, is developing, even more, his international career which began so many years ago. David was born in Trujillo-Venezuela, and his name is not only known in Venezuela but, also in Europe, David Deibis… 

Where all started

In a small town called Bocono (Venezuela) where David was born, his first inspiration her mother, and later her sister… David with their Andean roots became interested in the fashion world when her mother represents Venezuela in the World Lady, which she won in Mexico. David decides to go to Caracas (the capital) to study Advertising and Marketing and began working as an assistant to Luigi Ratino in agency models L Altro Uomo. Thanks to Luigi Ratino (president of the agency) David began to develop as a makeup artist… And although it was not an easy road, it stood out from the start.

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