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Salon Wunderschoen, is the new beauty salon in Vienna with certified Natural cosmetics, bio and vegan products. Not to mention that all the packages are tailor-made to your needs. Simona Dohan, the owner of the salon is a true expert when it comes to detox, and more important she offers to her clients the best that nature has to offer, with her natural cosmetics products.

High-tech Natural cosmetics, that are bio, vegan and cruelty-free are the products Salon Wunderschoen  uses in her salon, therefore you will have one of the best experiences, and the best products for your next beauty treatment.

Nowadays, most of our cosmetics are mixed with parabens, paraffine, alcohol, mineral oils and artificial fragrance and artificial colors. Not to mention that the beauty industry uses animals to test their products.

Simona, the mastermind behind salon Wunderschoen, believes you can get the best of cosmetics in a natural and cruelty-free way. Therefore, she works with the best European High-tech beauty companies, to offer you not just the best service, but also the best products.


Vagheggi High tech beauty products

It is an Italian company founded in 1975, with expertise in the field of Phyto cosmetics. They use every single active principle presented in nature, and turn them into high-end cosmetics. They have a meticulous selection of natural ingredients according to the concentration of active ingredients, geographic origin, harvesting methods, and seasonality. Between the ingredients you will find citrus fruits from Sicily picked in January, lavender from Upper Provence harvested in June, golden chamomile, cold-pressed oils, organically grown Althaea Officinalis, between others. Consequently, they create incredible products for your skin with innovative formula technologies that increase the potential of the natural ingredients, giving you long-lasting results.

Top Treatments with Vagheggi products:


Rehydra Supreme Treatment

Salon Wunderschoen offers the incredible treatment: Rehydra Supreme from Vagheggi. The ultimate hydration treatment works from inside out giving your skin a new look. Nowadays, pollution and stress play a huge roll on how your skin looks, therefore this treatment helps the skin to hold on to water in a natural way, and restore the balance of your skin.

Balance Pure Skin

This is the optimal treatment for skin imperfections that calms your sensitive skin. If you have uneven bumps, dilated pores or outbreaks this treatment is for you. This incredible combination of natural products combats oily skin, and free your skin from toxins and impurities that accumulate on your skin.

Energizing Lime-Vit C

Early skin aging is a result of many factors like stress, poor diet, inflammation, pollution, smoke and UV Rays, between others. The treatment with the Lime line helps your skin to remineralize and revitalize, with a real vitamin C boost, and it will have a brightening, elasticizing and energizing effect.


Team Dr. Joseph

This is another brand, that salon Wunderschoen works with to make the treatments. This South Tirol company specialized into bringing two worlds together: the ancient world and the latest scientific technologies to develop their products. The high-tech natural cosmetics company started almost 40 years ago when the young Joseph was looking for natural remedies. Their rules:

  • 1. Every step into new territory is a step forward.
  • 2. Failure can be a recipe for success.
  • 3. No relationship is more perfect than the natural balance.

‘’Our work’s unique quality comes from binding by these three rules. It is this standard that our customers know to value highly’’

The top Treatments with Team Dr. Joseph

Intensive Purifying face Treatment

This treatment is perfect for a deep cleansing specific for your skin type, the result will be a soft, radiant and bright skin. The process starts with warm herbal compresses and a nice massage to stimulate the lymphatic system, to continue with a delicate peeling to remove all the toxins of your skin, together with a deep cleansing with cupping glasses, followed by a tonifying facial pack, and to finish the process a peel-off mask.

Cellular Recreation Face Treatment

This treatment is tailored to your skin type, which is deeply relaxing. First, Simona will make a skin diagnostic, then she will start with contouring your eyebrows and perform a stimulating massage to activate the lymphatic system. Next, she will apply a warm herbal compress, a peeling to clarify your skin and she will perform deep cleaning with cupping glasses, she will add a special serum and make a modulated facial massage and add an intensive facial mask. This treatment is recommended for sensitive skin

Advance Bio Lifting Face Treatment

This is a biodynamics Lifting with organic ingredients. The procedure is almost the same, with the skin diagnostic, the contouring eyebrows, the stimulating massage to activate your lymphatic system, the warm herbal compresses, peeling, deep cleansing, special serum, and bioenergetic lifting massage. You will see immediate results.


The salon

Of course, you will find many treatments, like manicure, pedicure, massage, between others. Important is that no matter which treatment you decide to do, you will be in the best hands, and with the best natural products.

Nowadays, everybody is looking for the ultimate beauty treatment, but not necessarily means you can get the best treatment from chemical products, you can indeed, get the best beauty treatment from natural cosmetics. For the salon, Wunderschoen Team is important that you feel unique, and you get the best healing treatment. Therefore, they will sit with you and give you, personal expert advice, to define your skin type and tell you which treatment will be the best for your needs.

I personally love the detail on how the team of salon Wunderschoen works, and I love that the salon is the only natural certified cosmetic salon in Vienna. Also, they work with high- tech Bio, Vegan, and cruelty-free products. If you are looking to get the best treatment with the best products this is the salon to go to Vienna.

For more information, please visit: Salon Wunderschoen

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