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Evora is a cosmetic line, I recently discover and fascinated for. For starters, although my skin is not that complicated I like the fact these products are natural and cruelty-free. So far the Aloe Vera products are a must, the Mint Ice peeling, that I have been using for the past week is incredible fine and refreshes and invigorates my skin and helps my skin to get rid of the dead skin.

The Perfumes line is incredible… And so far my favorite is KOS, it remained me to Greece for some reason, and more important the last the whole day. I had the opportunity to talk to Kristin and Daniel to know more about the company and how they started.

How long have Evora been on the market and how did Evora get started in the industry?

EVORA is a matter of the heart. Our parents had the idea to establish their own cosmetic company in 1977. It came out of the fact, that both of them had been working for an American cosmetic company. Mom and Dad were based in Germany and they had a big team working with and for them. After the CEO of that company got killed in a plane crash, the company got insolvent. Our Mom and Dad got the opportunity, to buy licenses for Germany. They did not want to give up their dream about making others and themselves successful with great cosmetics for moderate prices. So they went to the bank, took the risk and established EVORA with the recipes they received. At that time, the focus was on care products with natural ingredients. Of course, we have evolved and we extended our portfolio with a second focus on INTENSE PERFUMES, but the philosophy is still the same: „what´s inside has to be the most valuable part of the product – always.“  High-quality Clean Care and Perfumes, no Animal Testing, no harmful Additives, and no Secrets. We want transparency, and we try to use packaging made from renewable resources. Behind EVORA is not a faceless Corporation, but a Family Business that selects every Product wisely and ATTACHES great importance to the Satisfaction of COACHES and CUSTOMERS.

How would you describe your signature products that define the company

As I had said before, we started with care products made out of natural ingredients. In Germany, it was called Naturkosmetik (natural cosmetics) then. But within the years, regulations have changed and it became hard to call your products Naturkosmetik. Just a special type of ingredients was allowed to use? But for us, we did not want to resign ingredients like hyaluronic acid for example. This is why we had to remove the addition of Naturkosmetik. But –from here we came to CLEAN COSMETICS which stands for: God damn good cosmetics without any harmful or stupid ingredients inside. So we developed a beautiful body, and skin aloe vera line; a hyaluronic line and the most wonderful perfumes in the world.

Tell us about your perfume line

It took us a couple of years before we launched our first perfume. Somedays in the 80s. It came out of my mother’s dream to have her own signature fragrance. Said done: they created „KM 14“ – named after our Mom Karin Matousek and her date of birth. People loved it and we got more and more specialized in creating wonderful fragrances. Our fragrances are inspired by the most diverse impressions that each of us experiences on small and large journeys. That’s why we work with the best perfume houses in Europe. In order to capture these Stories olfactorically. EVORA has an exceptional range of different perfumes. Each fragrance is mixed with 16% high-quality Perfume oil. Thus, an ordinary EDP becomes an INTENSE EDP. This is what makes our fragrances particularly intense and long-lasting.

What about the aloe vera line?

Most important, we created a funny wordplay out of it and called it ALOEVORA Jhaha, but honestly – we started with Aloe Vera Fitness Juices many years ago. Today, the Aloe Vera plant is experiencing a comeback. Modern science assumes that the balance of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins increases general well-being and ensures a healthy metabolism. By virtue of the success, we experienced with the effect of that plant, we decided to extend our range not only from inner beauty but also to outer beauty products as; for example, our very popular ALOVORA COOLING GEL. The name speaks for itself. It cools and soothes your skin. After the sun or even after tattooing. A friend of ours, she is a tattoo artist, is pretty in love with that product as she uses it for after treatment. Same as my brother and his tattoo addicted friends JMy favorite of the ALOEVORA LINE is the PROPOLIS CREAM. It is so nourishing for stressed and cracked areas of the skin. When I have stressed myself, my skin looks extremely stressed too. I can´t hide it at all. Therefore, I use the PROPOLIS CREAM and my face and skin calm down. I love it.

What is the number one products you have

For women, it is YELA. A wonderful intense perfume that reminds me of Mandarin, Jasmine, and Coffee. Our female and of course the male clients love the smell of that perfume. From our EVORA PERFUME, for men, it is BOGOTA. With elements of Bergamot, Menthe, and Wood. Very extraordinary and extremely popular in France. And the ALOEVORA LINE PROPOLIS CREAM is the most popular clean care unisex product.

Tell us about your Credo ”A beautiful Life’’

A beautiful life combines all aspects of our company. First, you have the products. Made and created with love and passion, cruelty-free and mostly with the idea of sustainability for a beautiful inner and outer life. Second, it refers to our beauty party concept. That means the way of distribution which gives our beauty coaches the chance to establish their own business, extra money, independence, and in the end – a beautiful life. We live our dream, and we want to give this chance to everyone else. No matter who it is. It´s all about passion, self-confidence and – a beautiful life J

What is the next step for Evora?

We always want to involve, and we want to arrive at the German and Austrian markets. Right now, we are very big in France, which is great and funny at the same time. It speaks for us that apparently, we do a good job because the French market is hard to get with perfumes and cosmetics. They are real beauty lovers with a high claim on quality. But: this fact also gives us the confidence to finally bring our beautiful cosmetics and perfume to customers in Germany and Austria. We are really looking forward to convincing with our own conviction: be transparent. Be honest. Treat people and the environment with respect –in the end, we come back to our Credo: a beautiful life.

To know more about Evora, please visit: Evora Cosmetics

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