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SMAK Brushes is a Dublin based company that produces beautiful makeup brushes and makeup essentials. We came across the brand after we made an interview with makeup artist Bryanna Angel, and we were fascinated with their products. Today we bring you guys a little interview about the company.

Tell us about SMAK and what does it stand for

SMAK Brushes is a Dublin-based makeup brand with a focus on makeup brushes and makeup essentials. It was founded in November last year with the goal to provide high-quality makeup brushes at affordable prices.

‘Empowering Confidence and Beauty’ is the driving force we live by and it is the story we want to build for our brand. Feeling confident and beautiful is something that every girl and woman should feel and we want to enable that through our products.

Our mission is to build a strong relationship with our customers and our brand collaborators. We want to know their story and follow up on how they get on with our products. Constant feedback is something we take on board to further improve our products and customer service.

What are the main challenges for small enterprises like you entering into the beauty market?

As a startup, the main challenge is always financial resources. This restrains us straight away in terms of budget spending on promoting ourselves to get out there. It is definitely a tough industry to tap into especially when there are so many other competitors popping up of nowhere who are more fierce in their strategies.

The internet is an amazing platform which can allow anyone to build a business or brand. However, is it noisy and competitive and so perseverance is key to startups nowadays.

The influencers market is also a challenge because as a new brand you want to align with those who share the same passion and goals and who are committed to helping you reach the right audience.  We have experienced some great influencers and some not so helpful ‘influencers’. I think that is part of the journey of any brand who are striving to make their way up.

Who would you recommend approaching to work with for any other startups like you?

There is no better feeling than when you come across genuine people who want to be part of your journey and want to help you grow because they believe in your message and your brand. We were privileged to come across a handful of them and we would be happy to share them with you.

First and foremost we were privileged to come across @Bryanna_angel_mua who is absolutely lovely and so professional. Her work is inspiring and her support is heartfelt!

We also work with these amazing ladies who are simply brilliant, ambitious and inspirational @cailin.tobin Miss Universe Ireland 2017 Winner, @brittanymasonofficial the Director of Miss Universe Ireland, @jennifertaggart the Director of StyleEditUk, @freddie_perrins editor at StyleEditUk, Abbie the owner of @luxebeauty_pboro salon, @debbievanityx the owner of multiple businesses and the @vanityxacademy, @taramakeup_ , @shaunadxyle , @lucyblu_ , @makeupbylaneyxx , @sineadlynn_mua , @niamhgiffen ,  @grainnecoughlanmua

What would you advise startups when embarking into this journey?

We think the most important is to know what is your real motivation why you want to do this, is it for a learning experience, is it the passion for entrepreneurship, is it curiosity and a sense of adventure? Whatever is, make sure it is your foundation and you are committed to making it work.

Everything takes time so don’t feel discouraged if things are getting longer than expected, just keep persevering.

Build a brand, not a business. This is our mission which we are working on and we want to make it happen. In such a competitive market the only way to differentiate from the big players is what you stand for, your message.

What type of makeup brushes do you offer to your customers?

We have two collections at the moment on our website: the Rose Imperial Collection where we offer three different sets of brushes all of BJS quality with mix natural and synthetic hairs for optimum results. The second one is the Vegan-Friendly Collection where we also offer a range of three different brush sets, the Silver Duchess, the Provocateur and the Queen B.  We might develop our exclusive line of brushes so keep an eye on our social media (Instagram is our fave’).

To know more about the brand, please visit: SMAK

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