British Makeup Artist Bryanna Angel

Bryanna Angel is a British makeup artist, which I recently discovered on Instagram. It is amazing how many talented people you can find nowadays on social media. Bryanna’s Instagram is very inspiring because her work is just amazing. She has worked with incredible photographers and models, and she has an astonishing portfolio.

Today we bring you guys a nice interview about her career and how her journey in the fashion world started.

When did you know, you wanted to be a makeup artist?

I think I always did, when young I loved playing with colors and textures mixing makeups, layering products, encouraged by a family of creative, I tried other occupations as a young adult but always came back to makeup so I decided in my 20s my passion was too strong to ignore and set off on a career of learning

Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

My ultimate hero has always been Allan “Whitey” Snyder, the personal makeup artist to The iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe, the man was a genius, despite the misconception that contouring is a modern trend this man was the brains behind the contour we use today. Applying shading to change face shapes adding highlights to accentuate the highest and best points of the face and body, Such a beautiful intelligent creative who understood faces effortlessly.

One of my biggest influence has always been Daniel Sandler, I would sit watching his tutorials, reading his blogs and interviews admiring his clean elegant timeless looks spending hours trying to recreate his masterpieces. Then, the creative dream Danessa Myricks  I was so influenced by her colors and textures, Matt to gloss.

Glowing highlights without harsh lines a woman who truly understands light

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

Officially 18 although passionate about makeup since a child.

After trying other careers, I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than makeup do finally in my early 20s I decided to do a short course focusing on bridal, after building a successful career in bridal I started to find myself getting bored and complacent, so I helped a friend who was a student Designer on a few shows where by chance a tv producer saw my work and suggested I trained with the BBCs Judith Neame, the head of makeup for the BBC for over 30 years Judith had a successful media makeup stage school training artists in full media makeup, tv, film, fashion, hair, wig making, and SFX .

I went and passed my course with flying colors.

Since then I’ve never looked back, my career grew from strength to strength developing my own aesthetic.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about the style that sets you except for other makeup artists?

I’d say my look is glossy fashion.

Known for my skin and colorwork keeping the base glowing and vibrant  yet enhancing natural beautiful features

Then adding colors and textures to lips and eyes creating shapes on the glossy skin.

I find product research an addiction studying long and hard finding perfect colors and textures to suit different circumstances making my kit extensive, and unique. I love the constant changes in fashion so the learning never gets boring.

What’s your favorite makeup product?

Daniel Sandler watercolor blushes, I can’t be without these liquids, a liquid color easy to blend leaving a shiny natural fresh color, I use them on cheeks, lips, and eyes

The colors are long-lasting and well thought through.


What does beauty mean to you?


A personal way of expressing emotions and mood. If you’re having a vibrant day you can glow and shine, if your feeling sexy you can show it with dark eyes and seductive red lips. The freedom to create shapes, colors, tones, and textures. Making a face a palette free to create on.

Which are the colors for this season?

More warm colors corals -pinks, rose golds and coppers


Which are the must make-ups every woman should have in the makeup bag

My top 5 are

  • Limelight  must dew oil -under foundation  for a natural glow and conditioning the skin in prep
  • Makeup forever HD foundation -A buildable easy blend foundation that works on all skin types
  • Danessa Myricks highlighters   -She has a color to suit every skin tone and the glow is AMAZING
  • Daniel Sandler watercolor blushers
  • There multi-use and once you use the liquid blush you won’t ever go back to powders.
  • My recent can’t live without is the BECCA cosmetics be lightful powder palette the 2 big powders in this set are amazing
  • A blurring powder to smooth pores and a brightening powder to make you look vibrant.


To know more about Bryanna, please visit: Bryanna Angel

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