Fashion Designer Art Point

Art Point was founded in Moscow in 1993, and since 1999 Art Point has presented two collections per year under the direction of Lena Kvadrat. ”The language of fashion uses explicit and encoded signals to reveal the social status, financial situation or the cultural roots of the person wearing a particular piece of clothing’’. Every collection Art point makes, is dedicated to a particular topic, and is related to the sociology and history of fashion, today, Lena Kvadrat brought us Escapism, her last collection together with a little interview we made her understand more who is Lena Kvadrat.

When did you design your first piece of clothes?

I design my first piece in 1998

When did you decide to become a designer?

This decision was based on my interest in industrial series of clothing to create. Clothing that appeals to a certain group of people, between which there is an invisible cohesion due to similar esthetic ideas. A shop works like a message, where you can present this worldview in the form of particular garments.

Why did you become a designer?

The desire just to look at it from this point of view the world and comprehend it

Where did you open your first store?

The first store was opened in the center of Moscow in 1998. Followed in 2001 by our Concept Store in Vienna. Since July 2014, there is another art point store in downtown Vienna.

What inspires you?

The person inspires me as a such, the space of fashion history, the desire inspired in time to respond to the demands of the times and to make these requirements also to see the reactions of the customers and then break to new twists to the story.

Who you are as a designer?

I am the water that moves, flows and evaporates, turns into ice and then again passes to the liquid state

Who are your favorite designers?

Those who capture and create an image of the time from the spirit of the time.


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