MQ Vienna Fashion Week – Shanks 

One of the designers we discover during MQ Vienna Fashion Week was Shanks-Shoes. This amazing designer develops a special concept for her shoes, I have never seen before; we make her an interview to discover more about her ideas, and her shoes, and why her shoes are so special, and why you should have a pair!

When did you decide to become a designer?

I never decided to become a designer. It just happened. I guess it started when I had an idea for creating my Heel Caps, and my very first prototype was finished. I realized it will work and that this idea is too good to let go of.


What makes your shoes special?

  • My Shanks High Heels are very comfortable and made for walking
  • The 3cm hidden platform makes it possible to walk on a 12 cm high heel with no pain.
  • The platform in combination with the perfect fit (enough space for your toes and therefore no footpad burns) and the soft leather make my High Heel everybody’s favorite.
  • Our platform-pump is a classic, fitting every outfit, regardless if you wear jeans, business wear or an evening dress.
  • I try to give every woman the opportunity to show off her legs and give security with the non-slip sole, combined with the padded leather insole.

How did you develop the concept?

It was my own desperation with uncomfortable high heels and the never-ending story of slipping out of my shoes.

I needed a solution to tie the shoe on to my foot. This was the impulse to create my Heel Caps which are leather covers for the rear quarter of your high heel. The exchangeable Heel Caps and leather bands offer security and even more fashion freedom! With many different colors and patterns to choose from, you can now easily accessorize your shoes to match your outfit.

How was the process of becoming a designer?

The process was interesting and exciting, but still difficult. It was very hard to find a leather production company in Austria which was able to refine the construction and functionality of my Heel Caps together with me. Besides that, it was extremely important for me to have them produced in Austria. But I made it and every pair has been handmade with extraordinary diligence.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the thought of changeability. Every woman should have the chance to adapt to the fast-changing fashion trends and to manage that with little money. I want to give every woman the chance to be part of the fast-moving, versatile fashion world. I have a product range for the brisk, fashion-conscious woman of today.

What was the inspiration for your last collection?

After creating the perfect comfortable high heel and my unique Heel Caps, I wanted to take the next step. I asked myself „What do women need to change her fashion appearance without changing her clothes“ So I designed my changeable handbags and renewed the idea of chaps to give the possibility to make my Shanks High Heel into a trendy winter boot.

Once again, my handbags and bootlegs are handmade in Austria and give you a quick and simple possibility to change your fashion style

Photo Credits:

Alex Reinprecht

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