Austrian brand Tiberius & Ciro

Tiberius is an Austrian brand with more than 20 years on the market. Last year, we have the opportunity to make a nice interview with Marcos Valenzuela, the designer of Tiberius, and we fall immediately in love with him. He was born in Colombia and he always dreams to be an Opera singer but the thing that turns out in a way, that he is today is the successful designer of Tiberius.

His elegance at the moment to make a dress and the simplicity, make each dress a piece of art.

and the TIBERIUS & CIRO are launching a new co-operation with the title “BLACK TIE” in the joint anniversary year 2017. The jubilee year 2017 – 25 years Tiberius, and 100 years Ciro)

The upcoming festivities and the next ball season promise us sexy cocktail outfits beguiling ball dresses, stately suits, and tuxedos. The icing on the cake at the “I” are the matching accessories and exquisite jewelry.

After almost 25 years of development and experience, TIBERIUS is known as a reliable partner with its own “DNA”, both at home and abroad. Their sensual, covetous creations have always distinguished the luxury label. With the new concept “symbiosis of worlds”, TIBERIUS is adding further brands, which represent the same high standards of quality and also stand for authenticity and individuality.

In this sense, the international tradition house CIRO, founded in 1917, is the ideal partner for exquisite jewelry and brings the festive and ball season 2016/17 to sparkle. The company’s noble identity is underlined by the in-house development, the “CIROLIT”. Each jewel is a small masterpiece, made in traditional craftsmanship, luxurious and yet affordable.

TIBERIUS & CIRO – company with tradition, identity, and quality! A “symbiosis of worlds” that could not be better for the coming, festive time.

To know more about Tiberius & Ciro’s Collection please visit: Tiberius


Photograph: Werner Himmelbauer

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