Bridal Designer Stephen van Eeden

Stephen is a fashion designer, specializing in bridal couture and red carpet glamour, based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.  He occasionally also dabbles in the design of luxurious resort-wear. Not only is he a very successful designer, but has also recently been selected as one of the 12 finalists for the FIRST season of Project Runway, South Africa, which starts airing on Mzansi Magic, DSTV Channel 161, on the 10th of July at 9:30 pm (South African Time).

Although Project Runway is one of my favorite shows, I have only watched the American version, not to mention the fact that I have never missed an episode, but now I will have to watch the South African version also, to follow the steps of Stephen!

Additionally, we cannot be more thrilled to hear this news, because Lemontrend is a big fan of Stephen’s work.

In the past, we did a wonderful interview about his work, and you can read it here.

What is your opinion as a designer?

Although it is difficult to define fashion because of its inherently subjective nature.  You cannot say that apparel or accessories are fashion. Fashion is the way these two commodities merge to create a look that is brought to life by the person who wears it at a certain time within a certain space.  Fashion has a social nature – people will only understand it within its context, in example within the correct time frame and social environment.

What do you stand for as a designer?

As a bridal designer I want to create beautiful (quality, well-executed and innovative) clothes that empower the modern woman that wears them.  I also believe that a brand can only succeed when it is part of a sustainable industry that celebrates the skilled artisans behind the seams.  This is made by skills development, job creation, the elevation of less privileged communities, and the preservation of the unique craftsmanship and skills of tailoring & dressmaking that in the fast-paced modern world of fashion & technology so easy are under threat.

What do your designs evoke?

My designs evoke emotions of glamorous femininity with subtle modern elements that keep it relevant to current fashion trends. Individuals that follow fashion trends do not buy something purely out of necessity. They are buying it for an emotional connection, a status of some kind, or to feel as though they belong or aspire to a specific lifestyle.

His New Capsule Collection inspiration was based on Caged Birds with a botanical menagerie of birds and florals. He took colors, textures and details that emulated these elements in the fabrics and styling.

To see one of his most beautiful bridal capsule collection, you can see it here

To know more about this amazing designer please visit: Stephen Van Eeden


Photo Credits: DuWayne Denton Photography

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