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Today in Fashion on the Runway we bring you the best of the catwalks that you like so much. In this case, we will present the New Spring Summer Collection of Custo Barcelona 2021, which was exhibited at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This brand combines eccentricity and elegance in its designs, since all the clothes are perfectly tailored and decorated

The collection was presented in Madrid and is titled “Wake Up World”

A collection that tries to convey the spirit of a supposed New Consciousness that arose from current circumstances.

A spirit that pursues changes. Color is the genetics of the collection with White as the protagonist and experimentality in both materials and shapes. An advanced fashion language in a sophisticated environment pursuing a new style without sacrificing comfort. A proposal of 56 looks for daring women where asymmetrical and geometric dresses are the protagonists along with bodies and more comfortable but no less creative pieces such as sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Creativity is the adjective that defines work

Custo Barcelona Spring/summer Collection Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Life of Custo Dalmau

The life of Custo Barcelona is closely linked to that of his brother David.

He spent his childhood in Barcelona, a city that awakened foreign artistic trends and fashion catwalks.

The Dalmau brothers always liked graphic design. Custo chose a career in Architecture with the idea that it would be a creative profession.

He went through this career without being completely convinced whether or not it was what he was looking for so much. Nevertheless, he maintains the hope that at some point he would find it.

Meanwhile, his brother David was studying art, but neither of them knew what to do with their future, so having entered the world of fashion was truly a challenge.

It all started on a summer vacation, at the end of the ’70s when Custo went with his brother to make a motorcycle trip through the US and the rest of the world.  They found different cultures and lifestyles that left them extremely surprised.

They paid special attention to the customs of southern California surfers, whose fashion sense was independent of that dictated in high capitals such as New York, London, or Paris.

Upon returning to Spain, they began to design T-shirts mixing various types of illustrations. The particular way of assembling the shirts, mixing the prints with silks and original materials, gave an extraordinary result, which had no similarities in the world market.

Custo Barcelona Spring/summer Collection Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

The Brand Custo Barcelona

The brand was christened “Custo of Barcelona” and over time it became “Custo Barcelona”.

They started out making men’s-only t-shirts. Due to the success they had, they began to participate in parades in London and other major fashion capitals.

They moved to the US wearing their T-shirts, which were initially rejected as “strident” and “not in keeping with the concepts of minimalist fashion.”

After an arduous fight against the market, they succeeded in founding “Custo Barcelona” in 1996 after a first stage as “Custo Line”

They began to supply the Los Angeles market, where they managed to place their clothes in some stores frequented by Hollywood stars.

Many celebrities began to appear publicly with their t-shirts, not only on the streets but also in various successful series, which led to the brand’s worldwide recognition and success.

This phenomenon called “Customania” was present in important American series such as “Friends” and “Sex and the City”.

Custo Barcelona Spring/summer Collection Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

MTV presenters, stars such as Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Claudia Schiffer are some of the celebrities who have worn designs by this renowned brand.

Even the famous Barbie doll celebrated her 45th anniversary wearing an exclusive Custo Barcelona model.

Her prints are characterized by flowers, animals, Japanese iconography, comics, Hindu imagery, and pop art. A mix of colors, textures, and a variety of models are characteristic of the brand.

Cosmopolitanism tinged with psychedelia and ‘hippism’ is the hallmarks of Custo Barcelona, something that agrees very well with the character of these brothers, who carry nomadism in their veins.

By 2004, Custo Barcelona was in full expansion: in the United States, Latin America, and Europe the number of its stores increased dramatically.

He has received numerous awards such as the Kore (the oscar for fashion in Italy), the Prix (from Marie Claire magazine for the best designer of the year), and two awards from Methaphor magazine.


How were your beginnings in the Fashion world 40 years ago when you just founded your brand together with your brother?  

We began printing T-shirts when this product didn’t exist. In 40’years we have evolved into different categories and concepts

What are the most important qualities a fashion designer  

To have his own vision of a product

What is the recipe for success in the Fashion world    

Hard Work Enthusiasm and own vision

Tell us about Wake up world

Is a collection to awake people into the new reality the collection pretends to be a change with the spirit of a new conscience to change things very experimental materials and silhouettes mix with white color and shinning textures.

What’s was your inspiration for the Wake-up world collection

The spirit of a change

Where is Custo Barcelona heading after 40 years in the fashion industry

We try in each collection to bring something new into the fashion language

The fashion world is constantly changing especially after COVId-19. Do you think is changing for good or for worse?

I hope for good

Tell us about your opinion about the Influencers

Are The new players to run the market


For more information, please visit: Custo Barcelona




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