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Studio Gampe Berlin is a brand from whose focus is a new avantgarde, I had the opportunity to work with this amazing duo ( Wolfgang and Melanie) in the Runway Fashion Event for a couple of weeks; having the possibility to work together in backstage with Melanie ( the heart of the brand) give me chance to take a closer look at their pieces, and I knew wanted to have them on their blog.


Studio Gampe: Geometric – Avantgarde – Mutifunctional – Pure – Extravagant

The focus of Studio Gampe is to develop multifunctional pieces, that are easy to add to your existing wardrobe, although their pieces are Avantgarde, they are extremely comfortable, and easy to handle, and gives the extraordinary look you always wanted to have.

Those who are looking for an individual style, Studio Gampe is the right place: ‘’our clothes stand for clear forms, creative cuts, and unusual details’’. Besides the body shapes, they produce brings a new era to sexiness which is subtle and restrain especially to women, because embrace the body, although a number of their pieces are unisex.

The idea behind, developing a multifunctional collection, is to invite the clients, to buy less, invest in key pieces and have one piece to be combining in different ways.

It is dominated by the colors black and white and all pieces can be combined diverse. Wolfgang and Melanie are looking to create timeless but powerful pieces, which can be worn at every age. The best example they have is the 10-12 dress variation you can make out of just one piece.

But most important their woman, have to feel comfortable not just in their own skin but also in the piece they are wearing.

With the fashion industry focus in 4 collections per year and massive sales, Studio Gampe focuses on building unique pieces and bringing back what fashion used to be, bringing the elegance back.

“I am so lucky to have found a man who is interesting in fashion. We are connected in our aesthetics, we travel the world together to discover beauty in all the sense”

I have to say that I am not just in love with this great couple, but also with the design, the perfectionism behind each piece. For me, this is what fashion is really about, to break all the rules create new pieces and still have an elegant piece to wear.

If you want to know more about this brand please visit: Studio Gampe Berlin



Model: Beri LAHN

Foto: Paul Partyzimmer


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