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Yliana Yepez is a luxury handbag fashion designer based in New York. Yliana was born in Paris and raised in Venezuela. She started her career in fashion as a model when she was a teenager. At the age of 23, she co-founded her first accessory brands company, Blues by kyky. In 2013 she launched her luxury handbags brand Yliana Yepez. Her brand has been recognized by  has been featured in InStyle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, WWD between others. Not to mention she has been nominate by Fashion Group International for the rising star award in accessory design.

Today we bring you a nice interview about Yliana and how she started in the fashion business. But more important about her career and what inspired her at the moment to design her next collection.

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry but I wasn’t sure what area would be my focus. That all changed when I visited a handbag factory that inspired me to create my own brand.

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What’s it like being in the Fashion industry?

Working in the fashion industry is much more than a photoshoot or a product designed for celebrities to use. Particularly in my area, it’s a job with an entire creative process and a huge responsibility that employs several people.

How is the fashion industry in New York?

Many things have changed as a result of the pandemic. Most importantly for me, I’ve given a lot of thought to the aspect of social consciousness in the industry—thinking about my supply chain in a way that is sustainable, less wasteful, and with a mindset of equity and inclusion.

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

My first job was as a model when I was 16. I started out working with fashion designers at a very young age, modeling on runways, in print, and on TV. My first job was a photoshoot with a well-known brand with Frand Beaufrand, one of the best photographers in my home country of Venezuela.

Talk about the changes in your life since you’ve your own Brand as a fashion designer?

Everything is linked—the brand is an extension of my personality which is why everything that happens in my life is reflected in my bags.

My life has changed a lot since I’ve launched my brand because of so many things revolved around it. My calendar has been affected because I have to juggle meetings and events with family outings, doctor’s appointments, and my kids’ Schedule. By I wouldn’t change a thing because it brings me so much joy and satisfaction that I get to work on YY—it’s incredible.

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Fashion Designer Yliana Yepez mini Sarah orange neon tote handbag

How do you choose your inspiration?

Everything I see inspires me, from a landscape to music to a happy moment looking at prints and colors. When I starting the creative process for a new collection, I take stock of all this material and I put it on a board so I can have it on hand when it comes time to design.

Tell us about your last collection

Neon is my post-COVID collection that has bright colors designed to give off a “wow factor” effect. I wanted to motivate and inspire others to be daring in their wardrobes and wear things that might be out of their comfort zones. Neon reminds us of the intensity and joy of important life moments and it makes us feel unique and exceptional.

In one word: how would you define yourself as a fashion designer?


What advice would you pass along to those starting in the Fashion Business?

—look for internships in the industry that will help you refine and narrow down which area you like best

—be curious about everything, and then pursue opportunities in your preferred field that will help you find the job you want to find

—define the primary objective that you want to realize

—and finally, strive for jobs that positively impact the community around you

To know more about Yliana, please visit: Yliana Yepez



Photographer: Mario Sierra

Stylist: Sylvia Monteliu

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