Fashion Designer Patrizia Bermejo Gomez

Patrizia Bermejo Gomez is a young Fashion designer who studied fine arts at the University of Granda. Her real journey started when she went to Paris to do a master’s degree and decide to learn to engrave and start fashion design and after she decided to be specialized in embroidery. She got the opportunity to do an internship at Vivienne Westwood, in London, where she was hired as an illustrator and embroidery designer for the Gold Label and the Couture departments. When she finished her internship by Vivienne Westwood, she decided to return to Spain and create her own first collection. Last September she started to work as a bridal and couture designer for Miguel Palacio and nowadays she is his head designer.

Where did you study Fashion Design?

I started fashion design in the “Istituto Marangoni”, in Paris. After obtaining the best qualifications (30/30) I got a scholarship to do the master’s degree in “Istituto Marangoni” Milan. It was a wonderful experience, but once I finished I felt that I needed to specialize in something. I had always loved to do embroidery, so I decided to study Haute Couture embroidery in the best worldwide school “Lesage”, in Paris.

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I think I knew it since I was a child. Even though I decided to study fine arts, the majority of my projects turned around fashion. When I went to Paris to do the master’s degree, I wanted to do a thesis based on the combination of art and fashion; it was then when I finally decided to assume that I had to start studying fashion.

What’s it like being in the Fashion industry?

I think it really depends on the kind of work you have, and on what market niche you work for. I think you can always try to develop your creativity in any job, but it will never be the same to work in couture or a mass-market brand. It is obviously easier to be more playful, or creative in high fashion rather than in a technical job, but even if it is more difficult there is always away, and that is one of my aims. I chose to work in fashion because I wanted to translate my imagination to garments, it isn’t easy all the time but it makes me happy.

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

My first job was in Paris, doing illustrations for t-shirts.

Describe what do you do in your work?

When you work in a small company you can always do a lot more things than in a big company. I assist Miguel in everything from the election of the colors to the ideas of the fashion show planning. I have to coordinate many things with him, shapes, patterns, accessories, fabrics, suppliers, brides,…So many responsibilities make me proficient to improve my skills and knowledge.

Why did you specialize in Embroidery

I have always loved artisanal traditions and things made by hand. I liked embroidery and when I was thinking about specializing I went to “Lesage” to get some information and I fell in love with it.

Talk about the changes in your life since you’ve taken as a designer in Miguel Palacio

My life, in a professional way, has changed a lot since I started at “Miguel Palacio”. The fact of acquiring so many responsibilities helped me to mature really quickly and overall to become more resolutive and learn how to solve problems faster.

What do you like about your work?

I love to work with somebody so creative that listen to my opinion and let me participate in so many parts of the collection process.

What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the Fashion Business?

Never let the pressure make you lose your creativity, and overall never give up if you want to reach your dreams.

What inspires you?

“Life”, everything that surrounds me…

Please visit for more information her website: Patrizia Bermejo Gomez

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