Fashion Designer Juan Carlos Gordillo

Juan Carlos Gordillo is an eclectic fashion designer from Guatemala. He follows his fashion, creative instincts, and let his soul free to express himself as an artist. Last September Juan Carlos presents together with the Lenzin Group his last collection at Vienna Fashion Week, together with Tencel Demin.

The collection includes special creations made from TENCEL ™ denim, botanical cellulose fibers which are known for its exceptional suppleness, softness and their environmentally conscious Production process are known.

The collection is first and foremost a call to express ourselves and the world around us to meet with mindfulness and to open up to unexplored fashion worlds.

It is his authentic and eclectic style that captures the young and talented fashion designer from Guatemala.

Everything develops from his creative instinct, the deep-rooted in his passion for the aesthetics of modern country style and in his true Commitment to leaving the world in better shape than we found it.

Ecological responsibility at the heart his diligence is evident in the choice of materials the designer chose for his designs.

Juan Carlos Gordillo promises as a fashion designer, that the most important thing for him, is to guarantee the quality of the fabric and that his work in an environmentally friendly process.


Lenzing Group

“It was an honor to join Juan Carlos Gordillo with fabrics from our TENCEL ™ denim fibers support, and the Vienna Fashion Week is definitely the perfect stage of our cooperation

“The demand for responsibility in the Fashion industry is a fact and it is amazing to see how creative talents like Juan Carlos Gordillo work for such a change of consciousness

The Lenzing Group is using TENCEL ™ Denim and numerous other innovations in environmentally sound production processes in a closed.

Circuit made of wood Cellulose fibers with high resource efficiency that produces a low environmental impact. The collection presents the elegant, modern country-style inspired interpretation of contemporary women, a strong emotional impact stemming from the Latin American heritage.

Every look is Unique

A well-chosen combination of fabrics and appealing ruffle detail on both the tight clothes as well as the oversize parts. Denim shorts, blouses with asymmetric lines, Shirt dresses – every single part of the collection shows the true essence of the woman, as Juan Carlos Gordillo does sees.

The Viennese Fashion Week 2018 is another proof of his – for Juan Carlos Gordillo – from the Crowdfunding, experience sprung – promising success. “Crowdfunding has given me the opportunity to open up to show my talent in the first league of the international fashion world. I saw, that people started loving my work, and that was the real motivation for me. It is still a long way with many obstacles. But I think that’s not all about success, but rather to show my fashion – my art. “


For more information please visit: Juan Carlos Gordillo


Credits: @ The Lenzing Group


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