Exclusive Fashion Line Jette Joop

Today we have a special interview with German fashion designer Jette Joop. She designed an exclusive collection for QVC Germany, JETTE Fashion Line which is the perfect daywear fashion line with jeans, blouses, tops and leather jackets, furthermore her additional collections are JETTE Bags and JETTE jewelry.

For those who do not know you, tell us about your background.

Hi, I am Jette Joop. I am a designer and since 1997 I am leading my own company under the label JETTE. Today the JETTE GmbH is a licensed company in the design and lifestyle sector.

When did you know, that you want to become a designer?

Actually, it was clear to me quite early, that I wanted to do something with design. As a child, I already drew the neighbors’ pets on TShirts with great enthusiasm and then sold them. I thought it was great, that one could earn money with designing things. Later I studied automotive design at Art Center College in California.

How does it look like in the fashion industry?

Certainly, there have been strong changes in the fashion industry, which absolutely are linked to the end-consumer. The customer has become more active, she is comparing prices and qualities. She is more dealing with the topic- “I want to have the best for my money”. Therefore, the teleshopping on QVC is working very well. Through the direct presentation of fashion through me as a designer, the explanations concerning the designs and the styling-tips the customer knows exactly what she is getting for her money. And this is what goes down just fantastically.

How is the fashion industry in Germany?

The German fashion industry is strongly shaped by many new, dynamic, young designers. For example, here in Berlin, there are insanely interesting designers, who are making their own drafts somewhere in backyards in their small studios. Thus, constantly fresh, the creative wind is coming into the German fashion industry.   Besides, of course, there are the big, German brands, that are also known internationally. For me, the mix is marking the German fashion industry.

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

After the degree “Bachelor of Science” I went to New York and there I worked for the designers Barry Kieselstein- Cord and Ralph Lauren.

Please talk about the changes in your life, given that you have your own brand.

Initially, of course, I am very proud that I lead my own company. Meanwhile, brand JETTE is existing for 20 years. The life as a self- employed businesswoman to be sure is very intense. One is burning for their own ideas, one always wants to get ahead- new plans, new designs, new business partners. It was very exciting for for the first years. But meanwhile, I became clearly calmer and I am granting myself more time for my family and me. Of course, this is due to my great team around me.

Tell us about your line for QVC.

For QWC we created a proper JETTE fashion line. The line is marked through its clear shapes and colors and is a daywear fashion with jeans, blouses, tops and leather jackets. Suitable for that, we also have our JETTE Bags line as well as selected JETTE jewelry, exclusively on QVC.

What was your inspiration for the exclusive line for QVC?

I draw my inspiration out of architecture, art, and life in the city. There are very different things, which fascinate me every day and which then I incorporate in my designs. Of course, in my creations I also always think about the modern, mobile woman.

In one word: How would you define yourself as a designer?


Which advice would you give those, who start in the fashion business?

On the one hand, the passion for design, of course, needs to be in the foreground, but in the end, one also must not lose the view considering that a design needs to be sold, too.

For more information about Jette Collection, please visit: QVC Germany


*In collaboration with QVC Germany, Special Thanks to Alina Gerhards


Photo-credits: Erwin Wenzel


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