Jewelry Designer Dara Senders

Dara Senders is a young jewelry designer, who received her Bachelor from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York; with a good eye for accessories; the brand focuses on hand made accessories using only the finest materials. Dara has become known for her use of gold, pearls and quartz crystals in a minimal yet eye-catching way that exudes grace, class, and femininity while providing an edge of individuality to all who wear them.

The philosophy behind “Dara Senders” is for women everywhere to simply feel glamorous with a pop of sass, class, and fun. – Because all women deserve to feel great at all times!

Lemontrend spoke to Dara Senders about her jewelry collection and how she develops herself as a designer in New York City.

When did you decide to become a designer?

I do not think I chose to become a designer. I believe being a designer chose me. I have always been creative, I’ve always loved fashion (clothing and accessories) and I’ve always loved art and design so it just made sense to start a business where I could explore these areas and create wearable art. I started Dara Senders label in 2010.

Which is the type of woman who wears your designs?

Well, the Dara Senders Woman or whom I like to call my “DS It Girls” are those who are not afraid to be themselves, have a keen eye for style, love both the simple and the luxurious things in life, those dares to be different, they have a feminine and sweetly sophisticated edge and aura around them, and those who aspire for greatness within all different facets of their life.

What defines you as a designer?

Hmmm? Great question. This is something I never really thought about. I like to think that those who wear it feel all the love and energy I put into hand designing each accessory. I take my time to handcraft each necklace and bracelet to perfection in order to allow the wearer to feel as if they are wearing a piece of my heart. No accessory is exactly alike which I enjoy. It gives my customers something that is unique and all their own, even if a group of friends was to buy the same look.

How was the process of becoming a designer?

The process was quite easy. I was in college and had the yen to make a bracelet for myself and for my friends. I purchase some freshwater pearls, jewelry wire, crystals, chains, and tools from local manufacture in New York City and taught myself how to craft my designs. I will be honest; it did take some time before I perfected everything however when I did it was the best feeling in the world. After, everything started spreading by word of mouth and by me taking to social media I was in business! It’s such a great feeling to know that what you put your heart and soul in others believe in, too.

What inspires you?

I am always asked this question and my answer is always the same. I am inspired by many different things such as Paris in the 1920s, all things that sparkle, musical theater, rococo art, black and white films, tropical islands, the mystique of New York City in every decade and colorful candy!  However, with that said, I think I am mostly inspired by love and those who in my life I love! I also love seeing all sorts of a woman from all different backgrounds wearing my jewelry from housewives in the Midwest, a fashion blogger from California, to international fashion editors and experts.

What was your inspiration for this collection?

The simplicity and power of organic gemstones juxtaposed with the delicate touch of gold. I love how my collection can allow a woman to be bold and dainty at the same time! She can stand out in the crown in the right sort of way by making a classic and stylish statement – without being obvious.

Which material did you use?

I use many materials that include but are not limited to, 14K gold, quartz crystal, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, agate, goldstone, turquoise, and opalite.

If you want to know more, please visit: Dara Senders

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