Fashion Designer Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown is the fashion designer behind TRBrown a women’s ready to wear clothing label that offers statement pieces for any occasion. She is self-taught seamstress who up until a couple of years ago decided that she needed to show everyone her level of creativity. She never went to school and received a formal degree in Fashion but that didn’t stop her from putting herself out there with different organizations. She has been a featured designer in multiple magazines, has had an interview on live television talking about TRBrown and she has been a part of multiple fashion weeks.

Mind you, this has all taken place within the last two years of my career so don’t let anyone ever tell you that you cannot do it!

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I have always known that fashion was something I was passionate about but I had a little voice in my ear telling me “don’t do it, you won’t make money, what if you fail, etc” I guess you can say that this little voice persuaded me once I graduated high school to not pursue fashion. A couple of years ago I put my foot down and said “I am good at this, why am I not doing it?”

What’s it like being in the Fashion industry?

For me, it is incredible to be a part of the fashion industry because with my background I never thought it would be something that I would ever have the opportunity to be a part of. It is pretty surreal to create these clothes that you put your heart and soul in over many months and when you finally get to show your pieces on the runway, the reactions and feedback are priceless. The events I am invited to are always my favorite because it gives me the opportunity to speak with all different types of people either about my collections or just about fashion in general. I always like to hear peoples favorite aspects of apparel because I keep that in mind when I am creating new apparel.

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

My first job in the fashion industry was at Banana Republic as a visual merchandiser.

Talk about the changes in your life since you’ve created your own Brand.

Creating clothes, in general, can be stressful because you always want positive feedback but actually creating a brand and making clothes under it has a little more pressure. I find myself being much more critical of what I make because I am trying to grow my brand and I want people to LOVE what I put out under TRBrown. The past 6 months have been great for my brand and myself because I had more opportunities for exposure which have led to on-screen interviews, magazine features and invites to fashion weeks around the states.

How do you choose your inspiration?

My inspirations change from season to season and what color trends are in. I have always loved the 70’s so there will always be a hint of retro in each collection. In most cases, the fabric that I choose is where the inspirations start to come in and I create this “vision” and I just work from there as more of the vision shows through.

In one word: how would you define yourself as a designer?


What advice would you pass along to those starting in the Fashion Business?

Always work hard no matter how hard it gets. There will be good days and there will be bad days but you have to fight through them and not let negativity get the best of you. Quote: “You get out what you put in.”


To know more about Tiffany, please visit: Tiffany Brown


Photo Credits:

Photography: Eli Stack

Models: Amela Husic, Elise Hardenburger, Megan Vandevelde, Emilie Connors

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