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INQ is a Hungarian brand that supports and helps designers, give the first steps inside the Fashion World. They invite designers to make capsule collections for INQ and support their existing projects to be realized under the brand INQ.

I particularly find this concept interesting; because getting access to the Fashion industry is not easy for a new designer, and thanks to the support of INQ the dreams of any designer can become true.

We make an interview with INQ to understand more how this idea starts, and what defines their style.

How did the INQ concept start?

INQ started at the 2013 Central European Fashion Days where Orsolya Csík, our head designer, won 1st prize in the Newcomer category. This gave impetus to creating INQ as an incubator for designers, managed and financed by wonderLAB concept store. Orsolya is collaborating with a different young and talented designer each season.

How do you define the style of your clothes?

INQ’s style is simple without being minimalist; the clothes have a lot of loose, geometric elements, but always with a chic twist. Though the most important feature of a collection that it always retains some Central-Eastern European nostalgia in the cuts.

To whom you design?

Our collections are mainly for trend-minded young women. The average age of our customers is between 25 and 45.

Which materials did you use for your last collection?

We always use natural fabrics; silk, cotton, wool, and cashmere.

Where do you look for inspiration?

We are mainly inspired by our past; our history; Eastern European and uniquely Hungarian outlook infused with modern ideas.


What was the inspiration for your last collection?

Shepherds inspired the AW14/15 collection: think lots of loose coats and shirts. One of the primary sources were male peasant outer garments: overcoats, waistcoats, leather and fur jackets. Contemporary photos show that these pieces rarely fit their wearer as they were passed along from one generation to the next. The beauty of these deformed, clumsy shapes and timeless, robust materials was very inspiring, but their atmosphere was blended with the sporty playfulness of the 1990s.

Who is your favorite designer?

Right now, Jonny Johansson at Acne Studios.

For more information go to INQ Facebook Fanpage

Photo credits: Mate Moro


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