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Today, I have for you guys a special post, our top Designers. Over the last 3 year, we had the chance to make interviews to many different artists behind the fashion world, and bring you guys their story. Although all the designers we have on the blog are very talented I prepared today my top beloved designers interview we have done till now.

It is amazing for us, to discover so many creative and international designers and to have the opportunity to get in touch with them, and let be inspired and moved by the different aesthetics and designs.

Edgar Navarro Maison Escarlta

Edgar Navarro is the creative mind behind Maison Escarlata. This brand was created in 2011. It´s idea is reflected in the belief that jewelry, as a graphic element, can create an aura of beauty in anyone´s look, but what really makes a piece timeless, is its use as a reflection of personality and inner beauty.

The basic component of the brand is the utilization of semi-valuable stones and precious stones joined with carefully assembled gems methods, created by Guatemalan hands. Each stone chose for the production of a piece, has a profound and enchanted foundation. Agates, turquoises, jades, and amethysts are stones that for a long time have been credited with recuperating powers, considered as impetuses of good vitality and otherworldly renewers.

Each piece is more than a simple accessory, it mirrors the one of a kind substance of that gets it, and amplifies the experience of conveying an image of its character and logic of life to the world.

Tiberius Vienna

Is an Austrian brand with more than 20 years on the market. His elegance at the moment to make a dress and the simplicity, make each dress a piece of art. Marcos Valenzuela the designer behind Tiberius, defines the brand as sensual and desirous, ironic, provocative, and a little bit romantic.

Stephen Van Eeden Wedding Dresses 

Stephen is a South African Fashion designer. He specialized in bespoke made-to-measure wedding gowns so the collections that he creates are all small capsules that are merely to inspire future brides. It is a combination of his design aesthetic that is feminine, modern, and glamorous with what is trendy for the coming wedding season.

Daniel Espig Handbags

Daniel Espig is a Venezuelan handbag designer who actually lives in Barcelona. His designs are beloved around the world for their high-quality materials, durability and delicate finishing. His passion for details, is reflected in each one of his pieces where he mixes different materials, to create a beautiful and elegant piece.

Maor Zabar Hat Designer

Maor Zabar is a hat designer; he was born in Haifa; Israel and he today lives in Tel Aviv. He is an extraordinary hat designer, with surreal pieces, taken from a fantasy world. For the past 14 years, he has designed costumes for the major theatre companies in Israel as well for TV productions and commercials.

Along the years, he won a few awards for best costume design including last year’s (2015) best costume designer in the Israel theatre award.

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