Jewellery Designer Daniel Sheinfeld Rodriguez

Today I have a nice article about Daniel Sheinfeld Rodriguez. He is from Venezuela just like me, and that why I am very excited about this post. There is nothing that makes me happier than to have a Venezuelan artist on the blog. For starters he is a conceptual artist with a background in Architecture and Industrial Design, and today he is jewellery designer with outspoken pieces. He lives In Hawaii since 2003 where he designs a produce his pieces together with his wife Loomies.

How did you come to start your own line?

For a few years, my partner and wife Loomis and I were talking about designing and creating contemporary jewellery, but it wasn’t until we were contacted via Instagram by a Berlin-based 3D Printing Startup, that we saw the true potential of making a career out of jewellery design.The company asked us if we would be interested in designing a few pieces for them. After we agreed,  about the design and production, we released a small collection in Berlin, from which we received great response and valuable feedback. We enjoyed the process so much that we continued designing our own pieces, and eventually released a collection under our own name Sheinfeld Rodriguez. It was a natural, organic process.

How did you get into fashion?

I always admired the work of designers like Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Iris Van Herpen and other avant-garde designers who push the envelope to influence and re-shape the fashion industry. In my case, I got into fashion through some crazy outspoken fashion bloggers from Germany. We did a wild collaboration project calledThe Big Fivewhere they asked us to create some retro bolo tie cameos by modeling and 3D printing the faces of their favorite fashion icons including Roberto Cavalli, James Goldstein, Terry Richardson, and Waris Ahluwalia. Launched at Volume Gallery in Berlin, the collaboration was a success and gave us a lot of exposure.

Tell us about Sheinfeld-Rodriguez

Sheinfeld Rodriguez is a Hawai’i based contemporary jewellery design studio specializing in the creation of precious metal statement jewellery. Our organic, nature-inspired designs merge the latest in 3D printing technology with traditional hand tooled artisanal techniques. I would say we give form to the unexpected, blearing the lines between nature, art, and technology.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

You could say our design aesthetic is Architectural and contemporary, yet organic and minimalistic. Nature, Architecture and technology are the main sources of inspiration.

Tell us about 3d printing

Working with the precision of 3D printing technology offers us the opportunity to create an intricate, detailed object that would otherwise be impossible to fabricate solely by hand. We use our Form2 3D printer from Formlabs to create most of our initial design prototypes. When we are satisfied with the fit and form of a model, it is again 3D-printed in a castable photopolymer wax resin specifically designed for investment casting.

How your previous career influence you today as a jewellery designer

Architecture definitely has a big influence on our jewelry. You can say all of our designs have an architectural feel. We start a design similar to the way we undertake an architectural project. We begin with a strong concept, sketch ideas by hand, then move on to utilizing an array of software for architecture and industrial design. We pay close attention to the scale, the feel, and the ergonomics of each one of our designs, as we would when designing a space or a piece of furniture.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

We live in one of the most isolated places of the planet, on the beautiful Island of Hawai’I, where the active volcanoes are located. We are constantly surrounded by and exposed to very raw nature. In the Hawaiian culture the tradition of lei making has a big cultural significance. The lei (garland of flowers), worn as a personal adornment, is created by plants and flowers that are readily available and abundant in the environment. The same way, we recreate this idea by designing wearable objects as if they were obtained from raw elements as found in their natural state.Each of our pieces is evolved from an experience, an element, a place, a moment in time, a sharing of our life.

Which phase is the most delicate in creating a piece as a jewellery designer?

Each phase of the design process has its own challenges, but it is the casting process of the master mold that warrants the most attention. This is the part of the production process that will determine the success or failure of a piece.

What piece of advice would you give a young designer who just graduated from college?

Strive for excellence, live your passion, and educate yourself about the business side of the industry. Become a strong negotiator because you will need that skill to successfully market your designs and bring your vision and your art to the world.

What is elegance according to you?

I believe elegance is straightforward beauty and quality attained with natural simplicity.

What’s next for you professionally?

Our next step, which is currently happening, is our entrance into the fine jewelry market. We are creating high-end pieces and luxury goods in precious metals and with precious stones. Keep an eye out – new and interesting things are on the horizon…

To know more about Daniel Sheinfeld please visit: Sheinfeld Rodriguez

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