Spring Collection Maurizio Giambra

For a couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to assist by the spring collection of Maurizio Giambra in the Butterfly museum in Vienna.

For those of you who don’t know Maurizio, he is an Italian designer who lives in Vienna since 20 years. He studied fashion Design in Rome, but actually, this story started when he was 16 when he used to draw figurines, before even thought about fashion, till the mother of a friend told him how talented he was with the pencil, and suggested him to study fashion.

He is successful, because of his passion, moreover, he brings his feelings to the design, therefore, he concentrates only on vision and what he wants to express. His design is a mix of classic with modern style. His women are professional women who want to have quality outfits and feel elegant, strong and feminine.

His focus is to find the most elegant look possible, it doesn’t matter if is for the day-by-day look, his brides, or his evening’s gowns. He always brings the most elegant look to his clients. His inspirations are Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly

He brings the classic and the modern world together in each design, with a touch of avant-garde, as a result, key pieces that will remain in your closet forever.

This special photo shooting was made in the butterfly museum, with talented photographer Verena Mandragora, under the direction of Guy Debast in cooperation with Runway Vienna.

His new spring collection: Flowers never fall in love, is a beautiful collection that embraces the feminine personality of the woman. The mix of colors and fabrics makes this collection a must this season, and is dedicated to women who are not afraid of color and textures.

Where you can find this collection?

Maurizio Giambra Atelier

Lange Gasse 38

1080 Vienna

Runway Austrian Fashion Design

Goldschmiedgasse 10

1010 Vienna

For more information please visit: Maurizio Giambra and Runway Vienna



Photographer: Verena Mandragora

Stylist: Guy Debast

Assistants: Thomas Germ, Sally Ruchman

Make-up & Hair: Christine Akbaba

Fashion: Maurizio Giambra available at Maurizio Giambra & Runway

Shoes: Natalie Rox available at Runway

Accessories: Adeline Germain available at Runway

Models: Dara & Suzanne / Stella Models

Location: Schmetterlinghaus Wien

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