Virtuoso musicians will give everything for Autism

This Thursday, virtuoso musician will give all for children with Autism; organize and supported by the former opera singer and music agent Irina Gulyaeva this Thursday 26 of April at the Vienna Musikverein, this beautiful concert for an important cause will take place at the Golden Hall.

This year Jan Josef Liefers and Radio Doria, Yusif Eyvazov, Annely Peebo, Dima Bilan, Josef Hofbauer, Lidia, Bel Suono and the Symphony Orchestra of the Slovak Radio led by Guido Mancusi in our favor on. Anna Netrebko will bring with her guest appearance the evening a grand finale.

This amazing night benefits the new therapeutic and diagnostic center of the umbrella organization of the Austrian autistic assistance. Our president, Jutta Steidl, adopting its thanks for the recurring charity event in the following words: “In the name of the umbrella organization Austrian autistic help affected children and their families, I thank the organizer of this concert, Ms. Gulyaeva, and all artists sincerely for their support! Your helpfulness was easier for many children with autism access to needed urgently, early-onset and quality of life tremendously improving autism therapies such as ABA and TEACCH. The targeted and customized support prepares affected children to independent living and contributes to our main goal – the inclusion of persons with autism spectrum disorders -. Decisively “

Autism spectrum disorders and new therapeutic and diagnostic center Autistic people take their environmental “different” true. Often they are based on details, search for rare eye contact and recognize other people’s moods from their facial expressions barely. Over- or under-sensitivity to light, smell, noise or touch are common. These and other cognitive disorders and difficulties cause children or adults with autism have problems understanding their environment as a meaningful whole. Sufferers find it hard to empathize with their lives and build adequate relations with them. Your learning opportunities are affected. In most cases, the symptoms are already visible in the first three years of life.

Every autistic child is different, but they all learn, as opposed to children with healthy development, not “passing”. Therefore, they need early and personalized support where learning content is parsed into simple learning elements and shall progressively. Early and intensive promotion allows autistic children to learn behaviors that help themselves and hence their increasing independence allows.

Today, experts agree that autism therapies begin as early as possible and should be carried out in high intensity/frequency. In the US, for example, for up to 6 hours per day promotion is considered. In addition to the TEACCH method (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered the most scientifically currently most secure method for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Numerous studies have shown that using ABA therapy to reach at least half of all children treated a normal level of functioning and can be integrated into mainstream schools with no or minimal assistance.

In Austria, there are still huge gaps in the diagnosis, early intervention, and treatment of autistic children. Autism Specific therapies such as ABA and TEACCH are not covered by health insurance and have to be financed by the affected families. Many children are not adequately treated due to a lack of specialized personnel or have to wait for their treatments very long. The so crucial for early intervention early development phase will pass quickly and often unused. Children Inadequate and late-treated often require lifelong, associated with high costs in care institutions.

The new therapeutic and diagnostic center of autistic Help is committed to providing much-needed state of the art therapies and to train therapists in this internationally established and highly successful forms of therapy itself. How effectively the ABA therapy effect, has already been shown in the context of our EU project “Autism Competence Exchange”. A first milestone has been reached with the training of professionals. The now necessary next step is to offer these therapies a broader range of affected children aged 2 to 6 years.

If you want to support is this great initiative and help children with autism, you cannot miss this concert.

The artist for this night will be:
Jan Josef Liefers and ” Radio Doria “
Yusif Eyvazov
Annely Peebo
Dima Bilan
Josef Hofbauer
Bel Suono
Symphony Orchestra of the Slovak Radio led by Guido Mancusi
Guest Appearance: Anna Netrebko

Musikverein, Golden Hall
Musikverein Platz 1, 1010 Vienna

Date and Time:
04/26/2016, 19:30

Advance tickets:
Musikverein Place 1
1010 Wien
Online: Book Tickets here
Email: [email protected]

Donations account:
IBAN: AT80 2011 1000 0542 6553
Reference: ALL FOR AUTISM 2016

Credits: © Robert Staudinger

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