City Fashion Jewelry Austria

Today we want to show you some pieces of the look book of City Fashion Jewellery. CFJ was established in 2002 by innovating the world of fashion jewelry available for everybody under the brand Dve Smizl. In 2012, a new brand was created by the name City Fashion Jewellery offering exclusive luxurious handmade jewelry for the global market. Today City Fashion Jewellery is present in Serbia, Holland, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Switzerland, Austria Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Montenegro.

City Fashion Jewelry has unique and luxurious pieces, all handmade and it can be done for each particular taste, what is cool about this brand, is that if you have a special event, you can send a photo of your dress and within 5 till 7days they will send you the design of the matching piece just for you. Glamorous, unique and luxurious are the main characteristics of their products.

City fashion jewelry offers to their clients high quality, handmade and unique fashion jewelry in combined with Swarovski crystal and semi-precious stones at competitive prices; if what are you looking is to have an outstanding piece, here is where you will find your answer.

Today in the fashion world is important to have unique pieces that represent your personality, and sometimes it is really hard to find these unique pieces that will not just match your outfit but that gives you the glamorous final touch you want.

Each piece made by City fashion jewelry is truly beautiful, and the best thing is that it can be done to any taste, and is affordable.

And to show you more about this brand we pick the most beautiful pieces to give you a look oft he glamorous pieces this brand have, however, is important to say that you can find this pieces no just in a store in Austria but that you can also order them online, or again send a picture of your dress and let the piece you want to be made just for you.



Photo Credits: Michael Lehner

Fashion: Runway Vienna

Grey Dress: Maiken K

Black Dress: Elisa Malek

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