Fashion Illustrator Victoria Kagalovska

Victoria Kagalovska is a fashion Illustrator and founder of her own clothing brand Victoria Kagalovskaya and a blogger with over 140K subscribers. Not to mention that she is self-taught, and she has been painting for almost five years. She works with different techniques like watercolors, markers, digital, and a little oil.

This year she had the opportunity to work with many famous fashion brands (Escada, La Moda, etc), designers, drew many orders for different companies, collaborated with MBFW Russia, and others. Her drawings have been published in books, Vogue, l’officiel, and other magazines. She also cooperates with world brands of art materials and was the ambassador of Royal Tallens (Netherlands).

Not to mention, that she also taught fashion illustration at the Art School, and now she conducts online and offline workshops.

When did you discover, you wanted to be a fashion illustrator?

It was 2012, the 5th year of the university with a degree in history. I started drawing 19th-century dresses with bustles, then Empire style, later I wanted to draw modern dresses. A year later, I gave up drawing. And returned to this and began to study already in 2015. Then there were my first courses in illustration, and from that moment I have not stopped drawing.

Fashion Illustrator Victoria Kagalovska blond woman process illustration
Fashion Illustrator Victoria Kagalovska blond woman illustration

How did you find your own style?

I’m still not sure if I have my own style. Although subscribers claim otherwise.

I’ve never looked for style. Experiments, drawing for fun, looking for something new, constant learning and improvement – this is my style. My skills are growing and my drawings are transforming. Therefore, my style is constant work and improvement. Perhaps someday I will have a special chip with which I will “sign” my works so that you can probably see that they are mine but now it is not. My goal is not to find a style. I think it will find me when the time or inspiration comes.

How would you describe your style?

I draw girls in classic proportions in fashion illustrations (9 heads), I always make them very thin, but at the same time as realistic as possible. My girls are a cross between doll and realism. All people for me are beautiful. And I also love clean work, without streaks with a gentle young face and a minimum of backgrounds.

Fashion Illustrator Victoria Kagalovska fashion design illustration

What are your favorite materials to work with?

I love watercolor. When I started drawing, I only painted with markers. Then I discovered watercolor for myself. Watercolor gives a lot of possibilities and beautiful tints. If you master this material, it is very rewarding. Nowadays it is not as trendy as the digital one, but I like to create a physical drawing, not digital. I love to feel the drawing tactically. The tablet does not give this feeling. Minimum edits, unpredictable results – this has a special charm 

When did you know you wanted to be in the fashion world?

I just know this. Most girls love fashion. Designer, stylist, model, illustrator … We all want to be beautiful.

I love beautiful people, things, and the redness around me is very significant for me. I am glad that now I can create and show it to the world thanks to my blog.

Fashion Illustrator Victoria Kagalovska woman portrait illustration
Fashion Illustrator Victoria Kagalovska woman portrait illustration

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

It was an order for a designer. Draw a collection of ready-made clothes for visualization and social networks. She turned to me with a question of whether I paint to order. I wondered if I was drawing? And agreed. This was my first and very successful experience. I am grateful that I was offered this job.

What would you say to someone who wants to start a career as an illustrator?

I want to say that this is not an easy job. You will need to work a lot, a lot. You will not always draw only what you want and in your style. There will be many failures that will make you doubt yourself. This is not a stable job. But it brings a lot of pleasant moments. For example, when clothes were sewn according to your sketches or your drawings came to life on household items, appeared in advertisements, etc. It’s cool to create beauty with your own hands.

With whom you would like to work

I will not be modest. I want to work with famous fashion houses. Dior, Chanel… But I am also pleased to work with small brands, I am always ready for cooperation, cool ideas, and all kinds of collaborations. I am open to all suggestions.

To know more about Victoria, please visit: Victoria Kagalovska

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