Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

Heiko Palach is a makeup artist and hairstylist from Germany; he worked for many years as a stylist, until he decided to try out the makeup world. We met him for a couple of weeks and we talked about his career and how everything started.

He starts his steps as a Hairstylist, and after he finishes his studies, he decides to try luck in London by working for Tony & Guy. His first show was for Alexander McQueen, and he describes it as a magical moment in his life because he always dreams of it, especially that was one of the reasons why he went to London, to make a show for Alexander McQueen and for Vivienne Westwood, and in the first 3 months of his arriving in London, he has the opportunity to make these shows.

Speaking about Alexander McQueen, do you believe he left a big hole in the Fashion industry?

I think yes because people like him are not that common, and the designers today are more commercial, and they don’t trust themselves. And those designers who produce exceptional pieces for Haute Couture have a difficult because their pieces are not going to be worn that often. But of course, these designers are important for the Fashion industry; because they inspire people with them extraordinary pieces, and this is exactly what is missing, more inspire people like McQueen.

The start of a new career

Eventually, the opportunity to found his passion for makeup came in his first photo shooting. When the photograph, the models, the stylist and he were in one of the most expensive hotels in the city, but one thing was missing the makeup artist. The photo shooting was almost canceled, nevertheless, Heiko step out and show his determination. He bought some makeup, because how hard it can be?

The result was a natural makeup for the models and a new career for Heiko.

The natural talent of Heiko was so incredible that he was book immediately for the Gucci show in Milan Fashion Week, for the makeup team and not for the Hair team…

Although he has changed his career from hairstylist to Makeup Artist, he didn’t leave behind his started point, he is still an artist with the hair like has shown in one of the publicity last year for BIPA and every year at the Life Ball in Vienna.

After a while, Heiko returned to Germany, and he started working for different style productions and continues expanding his career across Europe.

Which is your favorite Fashion City?

Till now was always London, but I like also Paris, despite the fact, a lot of the creative fashion came from London… Paris is more classic, but the creative people who work in Paris, come most of the time from London, so it is a good mix…

To know more about this exceptional artist please visit: Heiko Palach

Instagram: heikopalach

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