Vienna Fashion Week

MQ Fashion Week Vienna 2015 continues and with the versatile show of Verdandy. Martin Pichler and Manuel Rauner presented for the first time in MQ Fashion week Vienna their Verdandy pants and T-shirts collection, and, of course, it was a success.

Verdandy presented the show with support from Gerald Pahr with his beautiful vest and the shoes of Hey Mr for the Dandy-Look with the refreshing music of Parov Stelar.

This was followed by the street style show, where their new t-shirts collection was shown. The models appeared shirtless to focus entirely on the Verdandy pants and to show the comfortable of these sweat jeans.

“Our clothing is unconventional and fit for every situation and for every type of” Manuel Rauner

“However, it stands out from the mainstream of high-quality fabrics and modern touches, thereby connecting comfort with Verdandy-typical design,” Martin Pichler

Since 2014, this duo starts working on the idea to start their own fashion label and designing clothing. For those of you who still don’t know this brand, we made for a couple of weeks an interesting interview with them, to know more about this new Austrian brand, and you can find this interview at  Verdandy.

The original name Verdandy comes from Norse mythology and is the name of one of the three goddesses who spin the thread of destiny of every human being. Verdandy symbolizes thereby the present and is literally translated “the becoming “

For that good-looking feeling

The Verdandy Style is characterized by the use of new and special materials which provide an unmistakably soft and comfortable to wear option. The additional combination of contrasting colors with the minimalist look and raises at first glance often not obvious details such as stitching, lining or zip out and thus preserves the characteristic Verdandy style.

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