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Styling Tips by Michael Dye, Michael has been working as a fashion editor for over 15 years and he gives us today the 5 tips to fresh up your look and the 5 stylish tips for the Red Carpet. With London Fashion Week around the corner, you have to look fabulous, not just for the red carpet, but also for your daily routine.

5 tips to fresh up your look

  1. Invest in a personal stylist even if it’s once they will come to overlook at your wardrobe in a different way to you create new looks and help you achieve an overhaul for the new season
  1. Be brave try a punchier lip color I just told a friend of mine she would really suit hot pink on her lips, now she wears nothing else!
  1. Try adding color in your wardrobe that you have not tried before yellows or reds both can be great for both brunettes and blondes…
  1. If I am feeling like I need a lift, I go and have a spray tan, I love btan for a natural glow
  1. As s/summer is approaching invest in a new pair of sunglasses they can really change a look both vintage and new try a new shape go with a friend so you can get a first-hand opinion.


5 Tips for the Red Carpet

Great dress great colour but all actresses need to study poses more holding this dress out like a fan does not for her or the gown create a beautiful shape work with the gown not against it!
This look does nothing for her, it’s such an unflattering shape, and red is not a forgiving colour if your of a womanly shape, she would have looked great in a men’s tuxedo with her hair slicked back and a red lip...
This dress looks way too long, I like the concept but need to be shorter, and some sort of collier would have been nice.
Could be a great dress just not on this beautiful woman, with her amazing curves I would have chosen a more sexy curvy gown and the hair with more volume at the back...

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