What to Wear to a Summer Wedding?

It’s the season for summer weddings and whilst a lot of you may still be reeling over the excitement from the Royal wedding, you may be thinking about what you should wear as a guest to an upcoming event!  This can be something that a lot of women dread, as you don’t want to look out of place. Of course, your decision will depend on the dress code, but we have put some ideas together for what you could wear to look great this summer if you plan on going to any weddings.

Beach Weddings

It might not be hot enough in the UK for a beach wedding (although you never know), but if you are travelling for someone’s big day – this could be a possibility.  Don’t worry – you don’t need to go in a bikini, there are lots of great looks you could choose.  For example, you will definitely want lightweight material that is breathable – so a maxi dress could be a good option.  To be in-keeping with the summer vibe on the beach, you may also want to wear some nice floral bright prints to keep it light.  There are some great floral dresses at Firefly and Lillies  that would be perfect for a beach wedding. You can team these up with some accessories to jazz it up.  If you want to really pull of your look, some designer sunglasses would also go down a treat.

A Casual Wedding

Some people definitely choose to opt for a casual approach when it comes to weddings. With this, it’s a good idea to select a dress that doesn’t look overly formal – but still packs a bit of a punch.  Jumpsuits can be a great option for a wedding like this, and they are in style this year.  You can team up your casual dress with some stiletto heels to make it look a little more formal if you like.  A nice clutch bag will also go a long way to making a casual dress look fantastic.

A Black Tie Wedding

If it’s a black-tie affair, it will normally state this in the invitation.  This is the type of occasion that people tend to get a little bit more worried about, but there is really no need.  For this we would tend to go for a nice cocktail dress, and even though it’s summer and you are going to a wedding, there’s no reason why you can’t pull out a little black dress if that’s what you feel comfortable in.  It will fit in with the formality of the occasion. Again, you can team these up with some nice heels and jewelry to make your look complete.

Are you ready to go to your summer wedding? The important thing is to relax, and make sure you are dressed in something you feel comfortable in.

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