Flowers Decoration by Ro and Raff

Elis Hougen works with flowers and creates the most beautiful crowns I had ever seeing. She is originally from Venezuela, to be exact from the Coro in Estado Falcon. In 2007 she moved to Madrid where she met her husband and she ends up in Norway.

Three years ago she started to make flower decoration for parties and today she has her own company where she creates crowns with porcelain flowers.
With her passion and creativity, Elis adopted this crowns with the typical Norway custom called Bunad, and since then Elis has built a name in Norway.

Each crown is completely customized and made by hand, her clients can choose the size, colour texture and type of flowers they want to have, and the result is a unique design made with love.

Why did you move to Norway?

The reason that I moved to Norway was LOVE! I moved to Norway because a fell in love with a Norwegian man, and now I’m happily married here (in the coldest country in the world!!).  We have a wonderful 2 year old son – his name is Magnus and a sweet, giant sized dog,  Catatumbo.

How is the flowers business in Norway?

The flower business is really competitive, and you really have to work hard to stand out and to be remembered. Norwegians have the culture to buy flowers to enjoy it at home, so they know a little bit about flowers and sometimes they do easy flowers decorations themselves, even for their own weddings or events. At the same time I can see that the trend is changing, and it is coming more and more American style, luxury weddings – without losing the Scandinavian touch.

Tell us about your technique?

I can’t say that I have a specific technique when it comes to making my flower decorations, since there are so many different, but I can definitely say that I have my own style and taste about flowers! I’m Venezuelan and we enjoy flowers all around all the year and have amazing wedding decorations. I always have been fascinated about that and I’m coming from a very creative family with specifically my mother supporting me to create my own creative sides.

The Flowers Crowns are made of cold porcelain, kind soft clay, and is created though a very meticulous technique. Each piece is unique! Never will there be two pieces exactly the same, because each flower is made by hand. I make them all myself and to finish one, is a long process. First I make the combination of colors that I’m going to use in the flower crowns, then I need to “model” every single flower by hand, and then heat them up in the oven to keep their form, permanently. Sometimes one flower crown can have more than 100 little pieces and details. It takes time but it is definitely worth it when I see my headpieces together with the Bunad dress or on a beautiful Bride. It is a wonderful feeling just to think about that I’m a little part of a unforgettable moment.

Tell us about Bunad?

The bunad is a traditional Norwegian costume worn by both men and women. It is worn for celebrations and special occasions like weddings, confirmation, baptisms and especially the National day on the 17th of May.

I have been designing different models of flowers crowns that they looks perfect together with the Bunad, and they are being sold together at a few, selected specialty bunad stores. It makes me very proud when I see my crowns in harmony with this strong Norwegian tradition.

Which is your next goal?

My next goal is to continue to build my brand with a unique concept that you don’t find anywhere else in Scandinavia.

Are your crowns specific for brides?

No, not specific for brides, even though really every bride should have one! 😊 I have different models of crowns that can be used at any occasion and party where you want to stand out. They goes of course also very well together with the bunad, and we even get orders for children and babies for their baptisms. Whatever the taste the client has, we can create it after her design and wishes.

For more Information about Elis, please visit: Ro And Raff

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