A bit of Asia in the heart of Vienna

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to try a new little fusion Asian restaurant in the second district of Vienna. Okra Izakaya is an Asian restaurant with one of the best Ramen and sushi in Vienna, the owner Wolfang Krivanec, spent a lot of time between Thailand and Japan, where we worked as a Hotel manager, is today the mastermind behind this cute little restaurant.

For me what I found great was that you can see Mr. Krivanec behind the bar, preparing all the dishes by himself, and creating little pieces of art that later on you are going to die for.

Japanese home cooking is waiting for you in Okra ‘’with the family recipes of my wife Ryoko, we combine Japanese tradition with Austrian culture’’

The specialties: sushi, Ramen and grill from Robata Grill.

Thus Wolfang training in Vienna and stations in England, Spain, Singapore, and Thailand, he learned the Japanese cuisine from his father in law Hajime Murayama and Sushi master Toshi Sugiura.


The traditional Japanese dish consists of four essential ingredients: broth, noodles, Tare and diverse finest ingredients. These traditional soups are the most popular fast food japan. “The production is very complicated and I need to a few days,” says the chef. But 126 million Japanese can not be wrong? Alone in Tokyo’s there 3000 called Ramen Ya, so noodle shops. Each region also claimed its own frame, which is then treated with different pasta, different liquors (from slip, chicken, fish) and deposits differs.

Every Saturday there is the Ramen Stammtisch. Depending on the week vary the ingredients of the soup. Wolfgang Krivanec imagination fine ramen creations here are no limits.

Sushi Secret

At okra a sushi course is a must, here you will learn who to prepare sushi, starting with an introduction to the basic rules: The secrets behind the preparation of sushi are revealed by experts.

You can learn the proper preparation of sushi rice and the production of Shari – vinegar mixture for flavor. Furthermore, you will learn about exciting Wakame, Nori, and Dashi and learn the different types of sushi know: Hosomaki, Uramaki, Nigiri, Gunkan, Temaki and much more.

Asian Cooking

The workshop of Wolfgang is never the same, and that’s the reason why they are so delicious. He will reveal to you the secrets and the colorful variety of Asian Cuisine at his workshops open for everybody. If what you want to learn is curries, sushi and sashimi’s or the new Thai style this is your place to visit, nos just to enjoy a lovely and delicious dinner, but to learn also to surprise your guest at home.

For more information about this little piece of Asia in the heart of Vienna please visit: Okra Izakaya

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