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Today we bring you guys a special post, it is about Sir David Attenborough, for those of you who don’t know him, he is remarkable: the world’s most fascinating, exciting, living TV legend. You could say he is a total “natural”.

David Attenborough is an extraordinary man and well known for his mellifluous voice as narrator to his world-famous award-winning TV nature shows.

A perfectionist, dedicated to detail, a superb storyteller, he brings to our screens the excitement of all creatures big and small, from the remotest parts of the planet to outside our front door. From a giant maternally protective Killer Whale to the smallest and most important creatures in the ecosystem such as krill, he brings to life their most fascinating habits and importance to all life on the planet.

He works with the very best in the industry. Months of hard work go into the capturing of the mesmerizing scenes and into the planning and organization of expeditions to produce images such as underwater footage of Polar bears under ice fields.

Most people could blink and miss the scuttling sugar ant running over their saucer. However, that can be the starting point for one of his narrations as he follows the ant to its nest and to the mysterious underworld of creatures.

The most important aspect of his programs is educational elements. He is far from a harsh environmental activist: he doesn’t need to be as his shows capture nature in all its glory and splendor so that even the hardest skin armored “Armadillo” human would be softened.

Most of the episodes follow nature’s most important aspects: breeding, hunting, and feeding. He explains the reasons for each creature’s structural design, camouflage, specialist skills leaving one wanting more.

His work has spanned decades. He has been pivotal in bringing color TV to our screens and has long been an institution in the BBC in various roles. He has received an endless array of prestige awards; incredibly he has won Baftas for programs in black and white, color, HD and 3D

He is one of the world’s leading authorities on the natural world. Most likely, and importantly, he will hopefully be the key to unlocking the next generation’s eyes and thus help prevent mankind from destroying the very planet that sustains us all. He will leave a lasting legacy of the respect nature both deserves and demands, for all our sakes.

David Attenborough is a supporter of WWF

Louis Mariette

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