Choreographer Julie Jade

Julie Jade is a renowned choreographer. If she says jump, you know that was the easy part. When she gets you to do a Retrograde sequence, you better be ready and on your toes. The tough woman with lots of stamina, motivation, who pushes her dancers to excel. I get the pleasure to steal a few precious minutes of her time before her high energy video performance and discover a charismatic softie at heart with other hidden talents.

Most little girls tell their mum they want to be a “princess”. However, you went off-piste and end up being the most talented dancer and choreographer with such an edgy style. How did this come about and I am intrigued about your career experiences?

Ha-ha! Well, I liked a good Disney princess as much as the next little girl, but it’s fair to say my tutu phase ended quite quickly. While other girls were dressing as fairies and princesses, I was walking around with a white stripe on my nose pretending to be Adam and the Ants. As soon as Madonna hit the airwaves, the only tutu I was interested in was a neon one accompanied by ripped fishnet tights. As well as going down the usual route with fashion, my dance training wasn’t standard. I started off going to dance school, but as a bright academic future was assumed for me, it wasn’t seen as a serious career path. Career-wise I’ve kind of bounced around. From production shows, theatre, cruise liners. Also working for events and with artists in a more commercial nature. When it comes to choreography, I feel it gives me an eclectic edge.

Your origins are from the North. How did this shape your goals and ambitions?

I am from a small village in the Midlands. Having a career in the Arts isn’t something people do there. My parents were completely supportive of my decision, but it’s fair to say they were a bit confused and surprised by my choice at the time.

Were you classically trained or self – taught?

I went to a dance and musical theatre college called Stella Mann for professional training. They trained me in most styles, but Hip-Hop I had to find in studios like Pineapple, IA Studios and Studio 68. I joined troupes like Culture Shock and TK Spin to help my training too.

Who seeks your services?

All sorts. Event companies, flash mob companies, pop artists, production shows. All are welcome.

Are their occupational hazards to the job and how are they overcome?

The injury is a danger as with anything physical. But it can be a great teacher and it has taken me down a yoga path I might not have taken otherwise, now I teach yoga and love it as a result.

Who inspires you?

There are so many inspirational people in this industry. I particularly admire those who make their mark by their individuality. My current talent crush is with Aya and Bambi Sato. They are incredible to watch.

What are the current dances moves?

Dance has its trends like everything else. Vogueing has made a resurgence and it is becoming quite big here now, which is great because it’s so much fun. Your whole world could be crumbling down, but you do a Vogue class and you feel fabulous regardless.

I have two left feet. How do you encourage aspiring dancers?

When I’m working with dancers, I try to teach them to celebrate their strengths, train their weaknesses and not to play it safe creatively. Certainly when it comes to freestyle choreography, often it’s the mistakes that yield the most creative wins.

Choreography for performance not only requires skilled dancers. But also you inspiring the creative direction of it and perfect military synchronization. What’s your strategic plan?

My process starts with music. I see what vibe and vision it gives me. I set the style first. Then I look at the musicality, which beats, instruments and vocals I want to follow.. Things will start to form in my head. Then I get in a studio and start trying things out. There are some things you have to try out on your dancers, but most things I will have worked out before I get into the rehearsal room. I’m not one to get in and leave my dancers standing around while I’m like “hmm, what shall we do”.

Your current video is quite something else. It’s like a fusion of the Charleston with a twist. I am intrigued, tell me more?

I was looking to take something that gets requested a lot but to do it in a way that makes it feel fresh and new. A standard crowd-pleaser that excites in new and wonderful ways. At the time, I had been listening to Electro swing music quite a bit and that gave me the idea to do a Charleston in a different way. With a twisted kind of describes me.

Anything new in the pipeline?

Most recently I have joined forces with the Dance Events Company, so we’re furiously working behind the scenes on a few projects. Watch this space peeps.

To know more about this amazing choreographer please visit: Julie Jade

Interview-Credits Louis Mariette

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