Extrem Schön

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Extrem Schön Fit & Med Lounge Vienna, where you can find EMS training, Lipo-massage, skincare and much more.

If you are looking to start training for 20 min with EMS stimulation, this is your place. Electrical stimulation acts on the muscle provoking muscle to work, and the muscle progress is nothing but the result of that work. Having the electro stimulation meanwhile, your training gives the order to the muscle to make the maximum number of muscle fiber to work, therefore the amount of time you require to train is relatively short as normal training.

The EMS increase also the strength and muscular mass, and you can elevate the intensity of your training, which means more and more fibers are recruited in the muscle required in training.

This type of training lets us work with almost no sensation of physical tiring and will let you raise the intensity more and more without experiencing any tiring sensation.

If you want to improve your training, EMS is your answer and you will have an almost infinite number of advantages like improving your physical condition, shorter time of training and the best benefit of your training.

Extrem Schön also offers different treatments not just for the body but also for the face, with last technology of the market. One of my favorites is the OxyGeneo treatment for the face where you are going to experience a 3 in 1 super facial that includes exfoliation, infuse and oxygenate. This treatment will restore the skin volume, renewed youthful glow, increase collagen, reduce hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Another amazing treatment they offer is the triple action Fat reduction with the Maximus Pollogen medical device, with this treatment you will have a cellulite reduction, minimization of acne scars enhanced blood circulation and more important long-lasting fat and circumference reduction.

I must say the place is amazing and the service also, I really fall in love with this spa in the middle of Vienna, and I cannot wait to start my EMS training and maybe my Oxygeneo treatment.

If you want to know more about this beautiful spa, please visit: Extrem Schön

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