Photographer Paris Ta

Today we want to show you guys this prodigious photographer Parisa Taheri; looking for inspiration on Instagram I found one of her pictures, and it was love at the first site. The way she catches the historical buildings and places in Austria truly touches my heart and makes me realize the little I know about this wonderful country. But Paris not just catches the moment but also finds the history behind each place and each building she photographs. It didn’t take me to long to get in contact with her, to show case her art and her history for you.

Who is Paris Ta?

My name is Parisa Taheri, known as Paris Ta by my audience, & I live in Vienna.

From a young age on -five-, I have always had a great passion for art. This was reflected in my attempt to study music in music school, playing more than 7 musical instruments, writing short stories & poems, painting, singing, dancing and recently, photographing. So as you can see, art is just a style of living for me. It’s more than just doing something; it’s breathing and staying alive. I can simply not live without art, and photography has recently become a critical part of it, which makes my day brighter & me happier. I am still at the beginning of the way, learning by doing. I know there is a long way in front of me and that is exactly what excites me to learn and discover more.

Photographing was always a hobby for me, but recently, I tried to take it out of passivity & opened, therefore, an Insta-photoblog. For me, photographing is about showing the details of the world’s environments to the people of the globe who are too busy to pay attention to these little but important facts in their daily life. It’s also about taking people to places -through pictures- where they have never been to yet or may never also find the chance to visit in their lifetime for any reason. I also took advantage of it to motivate people to read about places they visit and educate themselves about the world they are living in, so I started putting a brief history of every place next to its picture in my Insta-photoblog. I myself have learned much more about Vienna sights’ history since I have started this project.

About my education, I have a bachelor of arts in music, Bachelor of Arts in management & marketing as well as an MBA.

I have more than four favorite places in Vienna, but I am introducing four of them here.

Karlskirche (St. Carl’s Church):

Karlskirche is the most outstanding baroque church in Vienna and one of Vienna’s greatest buildings,

I love the inside as well as outside architectural works of this building and the amazing paintings on its ceilings. The atmosphere of this church just inspires me a lot. I can hear the baroque music of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Teleman, and so on in my mind when I sit inside this church & there is no noise. It just takes me back in time to the era I have never really lived & I love this magical experience.

Schloss Schönbrunn (Schoenbrunn Palace):

This place is carrying a history of more than 300 years & has been the former imperial summer residence. The castle with 1,441 rooms holds various bewildering architectural & artworks such as eye-catching paintings which would astonish you.

Walking in its park, watching the great statues, flower designs, various fountains -especially the Neptune fountain- & the amazing building of the castle makes me wonder how the imperial people were living at that time. When I go there, my mind flies away from daily life thoughts to the old-time in history, to ladies in their gowns with their especial hairstyles, men in their uniforms, Empress Elisabeth -Sisi-, her young shy maids, luxurious horse carriages, wild horseback rides, secret dates with lovers behind trees, and so on. It is an amazing place & has such a powerful energy that makes everyone forget their daily life when they step into its entrance.

Stadpark (City Park):

I found this 153 years old park the most beautiful one in Vienna. It has so many different sights; Kursalon, the various monuments -such as Strauss monument in the picture-, beautiful plants, the Meierei -restaurant-, and so many other beautiful things. It is definitely one of the places everyone should visit if they live in or visit Vienna.

Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral):

It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe & has an interesting history, being built partly by one architect & partly by another one later, where you can clearly see the difference of their work on this building. I like its gothic & romanesque style, the great artworks inside it, the statues all over its facade, the amazing mosaic roof, the breath-taking city view of its tower, and almost everything about it. It is, after all, one of Vienna’s & Austria’s symbols next to the Schloss Schönbrunn.


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