Happy Thoughts, Long Life

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cell biology pioneer in mother cell research. His studies on the cell membrane and the cell changes depending on the environment laid the foundations of the new epigenetics.

Since the 60s Dr. Lipton had already begun to experiment with pioneering cells because at that time there were very few people working on it. Their experiment was based on a mother´s cell placed in a petri dish, as every ten hours are divided into two after two weeks had thousands of cells, all identical. Then, he took some of them, placed them in a bowl and changed the cellular environment (they are more like fish because they live in a fluid environment). He changed the chemistry on that plate and there he formed muscles. Then, took the other from the first plate and put them in a different environment, and bone was formed, and others became fat when he changed the environment again. So the question is simple, what controls cell fate? All were identical, the only thing that was different was the environment. When I take healthy cells and placed in an adverse environment, the cells get sick and die. If a doctor’s look, I’d say, “What have to give them medicine? “Not any medicine! They change the harmful environment, place them in a healthy environment and the cells heal. Humans are a community of 50 trillion cells, therefore, the cell is a living being and the person is a community. The human is a petri dish covered with skin!

Within each person there are 50 trillion cells and the cellular environment for us is the blood, so the composition of the blood changes the cell fate. What controls the blood? As the nervous system, which creates a different chemical system as the outside.

The cells and the human being are the same things. So if I put a human being in a harmful environment, like the cells, it will also get sick. If you change to a healthy environment, you will get healthy. Therefore, medicine blames cells by the disease and tries to change the chemistry of cells, but that is not the problem, the problem is the environment.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, not only physically, but also mentally, learning to say no, and surround yourself with beautiful people that bring positive things into your life, start practice yoga, eat in a more healthy way and detoxed our life from junk food, bad people and even start with meditation.


After reading this study, I will make a list of people who bring positive things and the ones who don’t bring anything to my life, those who bring conflict and those who bring peace. I will connect with my inner self and I will do at least something extraordinary per day, and fill myself with joy, gradually I will eliminate harmful thoughts from my mind and I will fill my iPod with music that makes me smile!

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