Food glorious food

Laetitia Olney and Charles Boyles are the dynamic duo who create canapés that are innovative, fresh, mouth-wateringly scrumptious and if you dare put one of these painstakingly intricate hand made creations into your mouth, well it will be like a moment of Nirvana.

If ever you thought art required a paintbrush, acrylic and easel, think twice as this is food in all its artistic form. Welcome to the duo that make eating a visual treat but also a divine pleasure. Party event planners, caterers and rated highly in the hospitality industry.

You and Charlie make a dynamic team.What do each of you bring to the “chopping board” to make this a great relationship?

Charles provides artistic flair and originality, combined with skill and experience

Laetitia provides attention to detail and care regarding quality and taste

“All in the details” is a mantra I love. However your canapés take this to a new level. They are like miniature works of art. Please share with us the creative process and the challenges involved in various food products being in the equation when catering  for events?

Everything is freshly prepared for each event and packed ready for assembly on site.  Many of our things require last minute assembly to make sure they are interesting and retain their crispness and identity.

Do you stick to seasonal produce or do you cater to all of your client requests by providing all their wishes throughout the year?

We guide clients towards seasonal produce, however as we are catering for parties and most things can be sourced year round, we like our clients to choose their favourite things.

Is there a growing demand for small specialist business and what are the benefits?

Clients receive a personal interest – we only take on events that we can prepare and be at ourselves.

Credits: Louis Mariette



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