Italian Plus Size Model Elisa D’Ospina

What does Beauty mean for you? For every person beauty can be represented in many different ways, for me, beauty is something from the inside more than from the outside, because we are all going to grow, and our body is going to change through the years, but inner beauty is something that you were born with it, and nobody, not even time can take away.

Coming from Venezuela where the beauty standards are difficult to reach unless you go under the knife, it always keeps me thinking how difficult it must be for young generations to reach this beauty, or how much pressure they must feel.

I think is important to change this mentality, and to focus more in who we are from the inside out, instead of how we look, It is important to accept us by who we are and embrace ourselves.

Don’t take me wrong I am not saying to take care of us and make our hair, and makeup every day, I am saying for those of you who are not sized, to embrace who you really are.

But who’s better to tell us more about this topic than Elisa D’Ospina, Elisa is a plus-size model, who knows what she want and how to get it, she is not one of those woman’s dying to fit in a particular beauty standard, she embraces herself and brakes all the rules she can find on her way, to be Beautiful, be Independent and be herself.

But Elisa D’Ospina is more than just a model, she also has a degree in Communication Studies with a major in Psychology, she wrote a book “Una vita Tutta curve” (A curvy life) but more important she is an example to follow.

How did you get into fashion? How did you start your modeling career?

I started in 2007, a bit late, I was already great. I had tried to enter a modeling agency when I was 15, but I was told that I had to lose 30 pounds in fashion otherwise I would only have to clean the bathrooms. Instead, my path was different. I entered the fashion system with my physicality and it was just the one to take me to be who I am.

How your career in Science Communication influences your Model career today?

Communication has always been everything in my path. I always wanted to communicate other than being a simple body on the catwalk. In 2015 there is need not only strong signals and image

What does Fashion mean to you?

To me it means freedom. And what I want, my little revolution wants to ensure that fashion becomes an expression, a form of art but also a form of freedom. Women should be free to find in stores their sizes, to dress as they like and not with a diktat

You are breaking the beauty standards today, how do you feel being a role model for so many women?

Is challenging. Many will write their stories, I have collected more than 1000 mails in recent years and I must say it’s nice that people understand your force it. Every revolution starts with small steps and I must say that today my motto has become the motto of many. Only in this way, being together, we can change something

What is the perfect diet for you?

Mediterranean diet. Eat little, but everything

Today young girls have a lot of pressure to be perfect, size 0, have the right proportions, and I feel there is so much insecurity in the society today, that a lot of women are choosing to get plastic surgery in order to be let say ”perfect” what would you advice to this woman’s?

I wrote a book called “Una vita Tutta curve” and one of the chapters is titled “Perfection does not exist.” There is that which is perfect. There is a line that may be common too many. It ‘s our fault at times to become a strong point. If I had stereotyped I never made my path. Being unique has a price, but nature has chosen well. Why homologate?

How International society is accepting the new plus-size models?

Society looks plus size models with curiosity. Now we are part of the system.

How was your collaboration with the Health Ministry of Italy?

In 2009 I will be a spokesperson for the Italian Health ministry about eating disorders. Now my battle continues in schools where I met every year thousands of young people and together made a way to understand how important is to be healthy

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I’m rock chic

Tell us about your book. To who is your book dedicate?

My book was born for these people I met in my way. For young people who don’t believe in herself. My book is a hand that can help you in your body image. You are beautiful, you are great, and you are unique.

Do you think the beauty standards are changing now? Do you think in 5 years we will be able to see a model size 8 in the Italian fashion Week?

I hope. I hope something can change. We need it. We need to be different women in media


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