International Model Skaiste Garneviciute

Skaiste is an international model that was born in Lithuania; she has traveled the world and built a strong career as an International Model. She was always a creative woman, with an interest in science, art, and human behavior. We had the opportunity to talk to her to know, how her career as a model started and discover more about her.

Where were you born and what was your pre-model life like?

I do not associate myself with the place I was born. I just don’t believe in borders between the countries. However, I was born in a small village in Lithuania. But, I do not live there for a long time so I’m doing modeling in different parts of the world. And…My life was always colorful before modeling and during my career. Normally before I use to be interested in many different things like science, art, neuroscience, philosophy, nature, human behavior, psychology, nutrition, and so on, and now I’m developing these things more.

How have you been discovered?

People who were in my environment at that stage of my life offered me to send some pictures to the modeling agencies. So I did it.

When did you decide to become a model?

I decided when I felt it was the right time.

What has been one of your favorite career experiences so far?

The favorite experience? For me, there is no favorite, best, or worse experiences. What I simply consider the greatest moments were when the genuine creativity was expressed, as well as honest and humanistic effort was put into the work. The most memorable experiences were those when all the team was working together united when each feels comfortable and able to confide in each other, which leads to fruitful teamwork and spirit. And the results always are honest.

Did you have an interest in modeling for fashion before starting as a model?

Before starting as a model I was always interested in creative work and results. For example, artistic pictures that had been taken during the photoshoot. Honest creativity and arts just amaze me always.

What advice would you pass along to those starting in the business?

I do not like giving simple advises or just to say something for saying. The only thing I would offer in this case – is to be yourself, be strong and always developing.

You have become successful for many reasons. What do you think the top few are?

First of all, we have to reconsider what does it mean to be successful. In my opinion and following logical reservations, humanity/world does not need successful people because of most of the time that success it too materialistic. Moreover, as most of us would agree that materialism leads to the destruction of our home, nature, and our human race. The most important is developing yourself and our human qualities, reeducate yourself continually, never stop learning. We should not allow our egos to overcome us.

I think it is important to develop sensitivity and empathy at the needed moments. This is one of the most important things in life.

Which is the ultimate goal of your career?

There can be many goals, or there can be just one goal. It changes throughout the time but most importantly is that those goals should be noble and brought positive advantages not only for yourself but as well as for others. If you don’t mind, I will keep those goals to myself for the moment.

To know more about Skaiste, please visit: Skaite Garneviciute


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