Italian Carbonara

Today I bring you the perfect Carbonara pasta recipe with just 4 ingredients. Carbonara is one those dishes that are easy to made and are just delicious, nevertheless I was puzzle about the truth origin of this dish.

The entire story of the beginning of this dish and its place in cucina romana is ambiguous. The starting point of carbonara is highly talked about, yet nobody truly knows. There are a few contending speculations, yet all are episodic.

To begin with,  the name is said to originate from a dish made in the Appenine heaps of the Abruzzo by woodcutters who made charcoal for fuel. They would cook the dish over a hardwood charcoal fire and utilize penne as opposed to spaghetti since it is less demanding to hurl with the eggs and cheddar.

Second, is the undeniable one that given the significance of alla carbonara, coal specialist’s style, that the dish was a dish eaten by coal laborers or that the bottomless utilization of coarsely ground dark pepper looks like coal chips.

Another story is that nourishment deficiencies after the freedom of Rome in 1944 were severe to the point that Allied troops dispersed military proportions comprising of powdered egg and bacon which the neighborhood masses utilized with water to season the effortlessly put away dried pasta.

There is additionally a hypothesis that in the territory of Ciociaria, in the locale of Lazio about somewhere between Rome and Benevento, pasta was prepared in a Neapolitan style with eggs, grease, and pecorino cheddar. Amid the German control of Rome amid the World War II, many white-collar class families scattered from Rome into this district to get away from the harshness of the occupation and found out about this dish. After the war, Roman cooking turned out to be exceptionally famous all through Italy and this dish, now changed into carbonara, turned into a prime case.

Another story proposes that the renowned eatery in the Campo d’Fiori in Rome, La Carbonara, was named after its strength. In spite of the fact that the eatery has been open since the early piece of the twentieth century, and does in truth have carbonara on its menu, the eatery itself denies any such association and reveal to us that the name came to fruition for different reason.



200 gr Spaghetti

3 eggs

40-gr Parmesan or Pecorino cheese plus a bit extra to serve

150 gr of pancetta or bacon




Beat with a fork the eggs together with the cheese, salt and a lot of black pepper, and set aside. Cut the bacon or pancetta in little cubes and fried it in a pan at medium heat till is crispy.

Cook the spaghetti, and before you drain the water add a spoon of the water to the eggs and mix it well. Drain the Spaghetti and quickly add it to the bowl with the egg mixture, and mix quickly; the eggs should cook with the heat of the pasta, so this step is really important.

Some people like to cook for a few seconds the pasta together with the egg sauce, I don’t do it, because I like the creamy effect I get after I mix the egg sauce with the hot spaghetti, but if you want to extra cooked, do it just for a few seconds otherwise the eggs will get to hard and is not nice anymore…






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