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Posche Models is an international agency representing models for runway, catalog, editorial, lifestyle print, and fitness. Posche Models was founded in South Florida in 2001 by Partner, Jeffrey Workman. After 9/11 and relocating from NYC to South Florida, I met Jeffrey Workman and became business partners. Posche present in South Florida, Orlando, New York as well as International offices located in China, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and Mumbai with further expansion planned.

How do you discover new faces?

Several sources…models may recommend other models looking for representation. Our agency website provides a submission portal for models to directly submit themselves. We attend many scouting events throughout the year as well as maintaining relationships with various model scouts.

What does beauty mean to you?

There are several industry standards when it comes to modeling but when we see a talent that possesses unique quality, it can be very engaging. Trends change, but I like to find something inside the individual that creates a spark.

Do you look for a specific tall?

The industry looks for those standards when it comes to high fashion and runway. Each of our offices is located in distinct regions and we direct our vision and talent boards to satisfy a client’s needs. Example: New York City will have much more demands for a fashion model then our Miami, Orlando, and some Asian rosters.

What makes Posche Models different from other Model agencies?

We don’t really try to fit into any particular mold or follow other agencies. We take a chance on talent and what we feel may be interesting for advertising. We try to really listen to the client and represent talent that will best serve the region. Personally, I tend to gravitate towards talent that is interesting but can be flexible for multimedia.

How is the process of recruiting a model?

We receive submissions from all over the world. It is easier if a talent lives in one of the cities where we have physical offices. Castings are prevalent in securing work and talent needs to be able to attend these. Simple snapshots with natural looks will do. I need to see what a model looks like currently. Basic face and body shot will give me a lot of information if we have a clientele for their look. If we call a model in and sign them, then we take the next steps of images, runway walks, media audition techniques. Our staff gives a lot of time in making sure a model is ready to see a client.

How do you decide whether a young candidate has potential?

When someone submits images you have basic information on height, body type, etc. that will work for our clients. The real test is when they come in and interview. Personality, etiquette, professionalism is everything. With technology, modeling is not just taking a pretty picture, models need to know how to move for video, speak on camera, and represent brands.

Is there a specific formula for finding the right model for a specific campaign?

The key is listening to your client’s needs. When presenting models or talent, you may think outside the box on some but researching the brand and company.

Who are your best clients?

Each of the regions is so diverse in its clients. Miami has such a crossover of projects you can work with a designer or show than a resort the next. That’s what makes this industry interesting, you get to work with so many different people on a daily basis. Even some of our more challenging clientele keep it fresh and interesting.

How many models are represented by Posche Models?

In the USA, approximately 400 in total (ages, types, gender) which is small between three offices but we take a managerial approach to representation. I don’t like the factory agency feel. We are involved with every step of their career. We are very loyal in not representing too many of one look or type so our existing talent has the opportunity to be seen.

What’s your recommendation for young models who want to get into agencies? What’s a good age to start and what should they expect?

Don’t spend any money until you know if agencies are interested and what is needed. An agency knows what they are looking for. Send very clear natural digital snapshots of yourself and make sure you include all of your information (height, sizes, location, contact information). If interested, we will direct you to the best sources and information to get you started. Listen and trust your agent, you are looking for someone to guide you and help establish your career. Professionalism! This is not a cookie-cutter business, but it is a business and should be treated as such.

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