Athleisure Wear

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about workwear that is both casual and comfortable, but at the same time completely fine to wear to the office. If you’ve been to a meeting at work you’ve probably seen this new type of men’s style and wondered what the deal was. It’s called athleisure, and it’s become the go-to fashion choice for men in all types of jobs in the last year or so. Athleisure wear has become so popular it’s completely replaced the stuffy suits men used to wear to work in the decades past. One of the big reasons men love this style choice so much is because it is so nimble. Let me explain, you can go from a soccer practice to a business meeting to a light workout without changing one garment, it’s that simple. I’ve compiled some of the facts about Athleisure wear: and how to achieve comfort and style.

If you love the idea of feeling completely comfortable all day long while simultaneously looking stylish then this latest sartorial choice is for you. I know when I first saw these comfortable but tailored shirts I instantly wanted to try one myself. They are basically lightweight and breathable, but sturdy and sharply cut, taking the very best of casual and professional and seamlessly blending the styles to make a perfect hybrid that is at-home anywhere. I like to get some exercise in during my workday, and with this style of clothes doing just that is a snap.

Even if I break a sweat getting some exercise during my workday, the moisture-wicking material makes coming back in from a jog and diving right back into a meeting no problem. The material my shirt is made from wicks away the sweat and then evaporates the moisture so I can be cool and dry when I get back to work after my quick run. It’s really perfect for those who like to get some endorphins flowing during their workday and it makes me more productive at work knowing I can do this.

But workwear is only one aspect of athleisure wear. I can rock these outfits on dates or even just to hang with the boys. I personally like the zip-up hoodie and track pants the best. I can wear this outfit to do practically anything, and I know I will look cool, modern, and stylish, and that is important here in California. In fact, the stylish modern look is what made me want to look into this style in the first place. I only noticed that other guys were wearing certain pieces to work after I already had a closet full of athleisure wear. The material is what makes this gear what it is. It’s lightweight but seems to retain its tailored-like fit no matter how many times it’s washed. It’s breathable and has the moisture-wicking tech I like so much, and it just feels smooth against the skin when worn.

So, if you are looking for versatility to go along with your sleek and modern fashion choices, you can’t go wrong with athleisure wear for men. Many of your favorite brands have started making this style of clothes. Or, you could check online for companies that do just athleisure wear. These websites that just offer athleisure seem to have the best choices, as they concentrate on just this style of clothes and they’ve perfected the zip hoodie I love. I like to just get dressed once for the day and stay in those clothes no matter what I need to do – athleisure wear is perfect for this lifestyle. I can’t recommend trying athleisure wear enough, go out and pick some up today, you won’t regret it!


Krisna Gracia

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