Hello October

October is finally and the first signs of fall with it, today was the perfect day to stay in bed, drink tee and read a good book. Despite the fact that I am in couch potato mood, I wanted to put together a cool rocky outfit for you guys. Because Vienna is a various and brilliant place loaded with life, there are diverse things to see, spots to go and stuff to do at various times of the year. Nevertheless, I found this outfit super cool to go for a date or for drinks with your friends when you are in a rocky mood, besides skirts always extra feminine and super versatile.

Skirt: First of all I have to say I am a big fan of skirts, and I found this particular skirt is super cool and edgy. Although I love black!

Sweater: I want to spice things up with this comfy sweater, also when I see this Miu Miu ballerina, it was love at the first sight and I knew I have to have them, so there direct in my wish list!

The biker jacket is always a must, and I prefer it of course in black, because it’s easy to combine with the rest of your closet.

Handbag: Since my friend Geli, shows how cool look the ‘Rockstud’ spike shoulder bag, well there is nothing else to say.

Wallet: To continue with this rocky outfit, what do you say about this great wallet?

Bracelet: Accessories are always important not too much not too little, and this bracelet in rose (who doesn’t love a rose?) is just the perfect.

The most important in the month of October is to bring warm attire that you can wear in layers – relying upon whether you get a sunny or stormy stage, the temperatures can shift altogether in Vienna amid October.

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