The Dominican Republic Street Fashion

Today we went all back to the Dominican Republic to bring you guys the street style of Adriana Boscarolo. Adriana is a Venezuelan strong woman living in the Dominican Republic. She believes in the power we all women have, into pursuing your dreams and she believes in her family. She is always working on her personal projects and she is the mother of two beautiful kids. If you want to see her, as a mother you can follow her around in Snapchat, and I promise you will laugh every time you see a video of her.

How would you describe your style?

Risk taker, I love to mix styles, I m like ladyDi-Kardashian

What is your must-have item?

One-touch of wild, something that breaks the scheme. But be careful it can just be one. If you break this rule you can cross the line between fashion and costume. I like to find that touch with my lipstick or my hairstyle. Always effortless! It is just sexy…

Where you buy normally your clothes?

I love H&M, this store knows well what is happening in the fashion world. I also love the Steve Madden’s shoes, meanwhile, I wait for my Louboutin, but it is also important to know that even the small in the small store you can find little treasures.

What is a NO-Go for you?

Be predictable, I cannot use the classic black dress without my wild touch. I cannot use white sandals, I cannot use more than 5 accessories in one outfit, I cannot do color matching I can never stop having time at the moment I dress up.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

My Pom-pom-charm bag and my all-star shoes

You are most comfortable in?

Black and white, nude pumps, amazing jeans, and my makeup!

What are the best accessories a woman should have and why?

The surprise factor is your personal uniqueness, if you don’t have it still, you have to look for that personal style which makes you unique.

What is the perfect everyday shoes?

My white sneakers, and my nude high heels. No pain no game.

What is your favorite bag?

CH Bimba from Carolina Herrera.

What is the best shop to buy in the Dominican Republic?

Arcadio Diaz, the king of the guayaberas, they are perfect for this tropical place!


To know more about Adriana you can follow her

Snapchat: adriboscarolo

Instagram: Adriana Boscarolo

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