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Cliff Kapatais is a food photographer, and today we have some tips of trick about food photography. As a food photographer, Cliff is one of the best food photographers in Austria, not to mention that he gives food photography workshops, and have a YouTube channel. Although this interview focusses on him as a food photographer, in the past we made an interview about his career as a photographer. 

In his YouTube channel Honest Monday, you will find, all the tips and trick you need to start in the world of photography. How to make product pictures, travel pictures tips about how to charge as a photographer, what you should include in a photography offer, and all the inside information from the hands of a professional.

A lot of his tips are very easy to follow and I used them every time I have to make either a product pictures for a client or when I photograph any of my recipes. When I started this blog 5 years ago, I didn’t know anything about photography, and I had to learn my way to photography, edition, and co, on the way. Thanks to Cliff, I was able to improve my photography skills. 

Food Photography workshops

If you want to start a career as a food photographer, you could start by making his Food Photography for beginners’ workshop, in this workshop you will learn the basis for food photography, how to set up your camera, how to plan the shooting, how to set up the lights and tips & trick about food styling, and much more.

For the High-End Food photography workshop, you will learn about the theoretical Basics, planning a shoot, staging and Food styling and more important the edition of the photographs.

Egobranding Workshop

If you want to establish in Austria as a photographer you could also make his Egobranding course where you will learn how to set up your goals, who is your focus group and therefore your focus channels, how to make networking, what you should include in your photographer offers, and much more.

Tell us a fun fact about you

I’m a blonde Viennese with Greek roots. My career in photography started out shooting rock concerts because I liked hanging out with the bands.

When did your passion for photography start? And what about the one for food?

I always loved taking pictures. In 2009 I decided to do it professionally and took different photography courses and certificates, as well as the Austrian „Meisterprüfung“. In 2015 I finally gave it a go and became a fulltime self-employed photographer. The passion for cooking and eating went pretty well with the one for taking pictures, so food photography turned out to be one of my favorite things to do. And eating up the models afterward of course 

How does food influence your life and work?

I think it is all about finding the right things to do, which you enjoy. In your life and your job. So, it’s perfect that I can combine these two things I love, in my job. At home, food is also an important topic, as we love to cook together and create fresh, delicious meals. Which is a challenge, as my daughter is a very picky eater.

Are there any artists you’re inspired by?

There are many good photographers I follow. Some are brilliant in self-marketing, others are experts in reinventing themselves and their work over and over again. So, I let myself be inspired by those, who are doing things I like. One of the first blogs that inspired my cooking and photography was Souvlaki for the Soul   and one of the best food photographers in the world is a fellow Austrian, Thomas Schauer, who’s work I really admire: Taste in Motion 

Do you have any tips on food arrangement? How do you “stage” your photos?

For me, it is always important to tell a story. depending on the story I then choose dishes and props. Light is the most important thing when taking pictures, so I always think of what I want to tell and if I can achieve it with natural lightning or if not, how I want to set the lights to achieve the best results.

What is the most flattering light for food photography?

Soft indirect lighting trough a big window and a curtain normally work best.

What is your favorite kind of food to shoot?

I love all the food, but I have a soft spot for Burgers…

To know more about Cliff and his Photography Courses, please visit: Cliff Kapatais

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