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Angela Buono is an Italian fashion photographer, who is in love with life with a fashion heart. She was born in Castel San Lorenzo and since 2014 she lives in Milano where she studies fashion Photography in the European Institute of Design. She has transformed her passion into her job, and we did a nice interview about her career as a photographer.

Tell us about yourself when did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

There is no precise moment when I realized that I wanted to be a photographer. Today at 11 pm, after ups and downs, fears and uncertainties, sacrifices and defeats, I am a photographer.

Being a photographer is not a job it’s a lifestyle. Your eyes, your vision of the world, were not born suddenly, it is a gift that has developed over the years and will continue to grow forever.

Do you think that as a child I used to photograph people by cutting off their heads from the frame? Some might say that this is also art … we could read between the lines and say that diversity makes us unique.

What is most important at the moment you take a picture?

Taking a picture is building and telling a story. Exactly, build and tell, so different words. We can distinguish two photographs in an image:

1 Construction: the beauty of perfection with which photographer, makeup artist, stylist, and model have created a trend shot;

2 The story: a woman, behind a lens, posing to better show the work of others made on her. The eyes of a woman who at that moment are playing a role.

The most important moment is this … is the relationship between the photographer and the model. Two women, sharing the same air.

From where you get your inspiration

My inspiration is born everywhere. As I said, you’re a photographer at all times of your day. You can’t say, “ok, now I leaf through a magazine to get inspiration”. The road is my guide. The road that leads me to work, to the aperitif before dinner, to the train station, to the future!

How do you look for the perfect spots?

This is a tough question. Perfect points do not exist. There are sensitive points. How many times have I happened to have on the set the “jolly of turn” who confidently claimed to have found the perfect point …

The perfect point is when looking in the viewfinder, you can’t move anymore because that’s the right one, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make the most of it … and no matter how many attempts you’ve made before, the important thing is to feel that small stomach sensation!

Describe a typical shoot.

The hardest part is choosing from a thousand ideas. It is not enough to rely on emotions, we must evaluate every little detail. Imagine having three more doors for each one you open … it’s like a maze. But the result is almost always wonderful because it represents your choices and you know you have chosen well!

Every photoshoot of mine is always a mystery, even for myself, because from light others are born, a background turns into a glamorous atmosphere and an object becomes the element of surprise.

Absolutely, in all my services, light is dominant. For me, it is fundamental to make sure that the light is the undisputed queen because it is thanks to her that everything else works.

Were you educated in photography, or are you self taught?

I studied at the European Institute of Design in Milan. It was a fundamental experience for me. For me studying is important, because you have in front of you experienced people who not only explain to you how to do but also what difficulties may exist. I think the study, in any field, is the solid base that allows you to grow and discover. My motto is: know the rules and break them.

What camera do you use most of the time?

I have always used Canon and will continue to use it. It is not a question of making qualitative differences between the different companies, because each of them offers high-level machines.

When I started I didn’t know the structure well, and I got myself conquered by this brand. Then I started to analyze all the lenses to the point of choosing the ones best suited to my work! Today I am satisfied, I have learned the limits and the weaknesses and this allows me to know where I can arrive and how!

Which photo are you currently most proud of?

Another difficult question. They are all my creations, obviously, some prefer them to others. There are some images that fully represent my style, but since I’m still so young, I can’t say with certainty that they will continue to be so for a long time to come.

I discussed my graduation thesis a year and a half ago, and the images I made are those that took the most time and study and analysis. This is a series of photographs depicting women from different parts of the world living in Milan. It is a work that combines tradition with fashion, which shows how fashion today, specifically that presented during the #MilanoFashionWeek, is partly inspired by the cultures that populate the city.

The other work I love, represents another sector of photography, that of staging, which wants to be a daughter of #LaChapelle, the great master.

For the future, I hope to find the right compromise between my kitsch and elegant vein

Comparing where you are now with where you are when you first started, what could you have done differently to get to where you are sooner?

When I started photographing, I had the arrogance to already believe what my path would be. Then over time arrogance gave way to curiosity and determination. So I started experimenting.

Today the advice I would like to give to myself of the past is not to stop at the appearance, and not wanting to do that particular thing at all costs but to allow the mind to open up and try new ways.

Favorite photography book?


Elegance and genius!

To know more about Angela, please visit: Angela Buono

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